Wireless internet has died

By Habylab
May 19, 2008
  1. I had just had a I-worm/bagle infection and during the process of getting rid off it, it disabled my wireless internet. Now it was fine before, ran perfectly, but now not so... It says it is connected to BTopenZone, and i have never said to connect of this. When i go to a list of the available wireless networks, it says that none are in range, even though i am connected to one. How strange.
    Anyway, it had change the service so it didn't start properly, and i had to go into the registry and change it so it would work. something like "Nsidui" and its start value was 4 but it should of been 1-3. So i expected when i had that sorted, i should be able to go into the "change order of preferred networks" but no. It takes me to a page with only windows firewall on it. How useless.
    So i am now stuck with using my dads computer, which is useless and awkward for me...
    Also, AVG hasn't found anything new, but it has deleted some stuff. I do a full scan it finds nothing and then a popup for avg comes up from in the system information volume and it has found a bagle virus! How annoying. Also i can't boot into safe mode, i am just about to switch back to avast!
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