Wireless Network Adapter Issues

By deafninja
Apr 17, 2009
  1. Ok I have the Dlink Rangebooster N router and notebook card from Newegg recently. I have the router up and running perfectly. I have a laptop with internal wireless connecting at 270 but I have another desktop I built using a Rosewill PCMCIA adapter to use the N notebook adapter on the new computer. Problem is that the new computer is only connecting at 54 which is G speeds. Is there some sort of setting on the notebook card somewhere that tells it to use g or n? Right now the router is using WPA-TPIK (pardon if wrong arrangement of letters) and is mixed g and n. I set it to N only and the new desktop will not even recognize the router so something is up with the notebook adapter or maybe the PCMCIA adapter will only allow g speeds.
  2. AudioVayne

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    Is N spose'd to be 108?
  3. jobeard

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    the setting is in the ROUTER, not the laptop.

    *IF* and only if all your systems have 802.11n adaptors, you set N-Mode only in the router.

    This will allow your laptop to move to a hotspot and still connect with 11g :)
  4. deafninja

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    Dang G Nintendo Wii
  5. deafninja

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    Ok issue resolved had WPA-TKIP security. I changed this to WPA2-AES with mixed mode and works great shows up as 300Mbps now rather than 54. It is either the WPAvsWPA2 or TKIPvsAES.
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