Wireless network connected but no internet

By Thomashuhtala
Oct 16, 2007
  1. Alright so I was playing a game of mine and all the sudden I disconnected. Wasn't doing anything but playing the game I have been disconnecting lately and figured I would just restart the router but it didn't work. Router is a linksys wireless -G adapter as you can tell I am not to smart about this internet stuff. I know that I can connect to another router thats upstairs but the lag is horrific. I am just trying to figure out why I can't connect to the one that is 5 feet away from my computer. Any suggestions would help me a lot I was talking to my dad and he wants to re-format and re-install Windows XP is this the best choice and will this fix my problem?

    Also I tried pinging and it said it sent 4 packets and recieved 0 lost 4 if that helps with anything. I have tried rebooting computer and the router nothing has worked. I dont think I have given too much information so if you could at least give me a best guess it would be very helpfull I don't want to reinstall all my games and crap.
  2. jjtrev

    jjtrev TS Rookie

    game may have high ping time
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