Wireless Network suddenly stoped

By Gypzywingz
Jun 22, 2006
  1. Ok, we set up our satellite internet and our Dlink router today and finally got it working fine then I set up my laptop with a wireless connection. I followed the wireless setup wizard in Microsoft. Both connections were working simutaniously fine for about 10 minutes then all of the sudden the desktop connection stopped working. Now my laptop works fine and I get good connectivity but I get nothing with the desktop so obviously I am connected so it must be something in my network settings that isn't working with his desktop can someone please offer me some suggestions to try or did I not set this thing up right????
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  3. Gypzywingz

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    I will try that but someone at my work suggested that the laptop overrode the IP address setting on the desktop or when I tried to secure it when I created the SSID settings and key that I looked the desktop out somehow.
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    you can change it to static IP addresses in Network connections, altering the properties for your respective wireless adapter.

    example of IP addreses -> usualy the router's address -> machine 1 -> machine 2 etc..

    sometimes it will be 10.0.0.x, where x=number.

    Every machine needs different number to end with, but the same front bits for the network to work..
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    We had to change the IP address on the router because the modem and the router were assigned the same IP address so the modems IP address is and the routers IP address is Do I have to change the IP address on my computer? Can't I just go under the network settings for TCP/IP and have them obtain the IP address automatically or does it now matter because the internet connection actually comes in through the modem? So then I would just change the IP address to like on the desktop and 192.168.04 for my laptop and keep the subnet mask the
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    yes you can keep it on auto, but then you will have that reocuring scenario of "unable to resolve IP addresses". A few advantages to having static IP addys is more convenient troubleshooting and less troubles actualy.

    If you can alter your modem's IP address to subnet, then change your router back to 19...0.1 it may solve half your problems already.. but im not sure on your setup and all...

    subnet mask for 192 addresses is so yes, keep it.
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    Desktop connected now but not laptop

    OK I checked the desktops TCP/IP settings and I had to change it to obtain the IP address automatically once I changed that it worked like a charm.....but now my laptop is getting not receiving packets. What I did was I went and logged onto my wireless network using the WEP and key and it connected. It says I have excellent signal strength and I am at 54 Mbps but I am receiving nothing. I did change that IP address to so the IP address would be different but that didn't seem to help at all.
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    what is the manufacturer of the laptop wifi card? Intel, Atheros, Broadcom...?
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