Wireless optimisation in XP?

By Hugo_Rune
Nov 17, 2006
  1. Hi everyone..
    At home I've got a busted up old laptop (my son thought hammering a tonka truck against the screen would somehow please me) that's sharing my internet connection over the XP ad-hoc connection. To get maximum use out of the sharing machine I'm using it as a basic fileserver so I can share stuff with the other systems without having to worry about filling up our individual machines with crud (and no, I'm not daft enough to put important or sensitive data on the net-sharing machine - we're treating it as a scratch disk basically).

    Anyway, there is no problem with the connection or the sharing - that's all fine and dandy. My issue with the set up is transfer speeds between the clients and the "server". If I copy smallish files from one machine to the other using explorer I'm getting about 2MB per second transfer rate, which whilst not being amazing is good enough for me at the moment. However if I try to play a movie from the "server" I get very choppy playback and exceptionally stuttery wireless speeds (ranging from 0KB to 300KB). The same thing occurs if I try to copy large files (1GB+) between machines - the transfer will start off at about 2100KB and after a couple of minutes drop to about 50KB where it will remain until I either cancel the copy or froth at the mouth and cry like a girl.

    There is nothing wrong with any the hardware as far as I can tell, and the systems are presently about 8 feet away from each other in direct line of sight. I've spent a few days googling the hell out of this and ended up here and thought that I'd ask you guys as these boards have already solved some other issues I've had. Hope you can help!

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    for info: Wireless adapter on the server is a Intel pro/wireless 2200BG, default settings..
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