Word and Excel Crash

By jazyjasper
Jun 3, 2005
  1. Hi all,

    I am having an issue when I try to "save as" in both word and excel. The program just hangs or freezes when I try to specify a location to save. I have to ctrl-alt-del to shut it down. I have uninstalled and reinstalled office 2003. I have also been to and have all of the latest office updates. Any ideas???????
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    It could also be if your default save location was a networked drive, which is no longer there, it is looking for it. I just rand into this problem yesterday. Just had to relocate the drive again. I changed my network around and the ip's changed is all

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    I check your suggestions. All of the settings are normal (no fast save) and the default save location is My Documents.

    Here is more info.

    If you try to Open/Save/Save As in any microsoft office soon as I click on the drop down to designate the location.....the app freezes for about 2 min. Once that time is over.....I can jump from place to place on the hard drive or network for that matter with very normal (fast) response. If i close that doc and try a new one in the same app.........same slowness. In outlook the same thing happens when i get an attachment...I dont even open the attachment...i just right click it and go to save soon as i try to tell it where to save the doc......SLOWNESS.

    Any help is welcome.
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    Even though you're saving to My Documents, I think Work/Excel looks at all your drives when building the directory display. You'd experience a delay as Windows checks for updates on all your drives. So, double check to see if you have any mapped drives and that they all are responding correctly. Unmap or remap as necessary.
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    Do you have Norton installed, and its plug-in is checking your every (Office-) movement?
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    It was infact a mapped drive that was causing the slowness issue. THANKS everyone for your help!!!!
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    Kewl. Glad we could help!
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    Does this probem lead to corruption of your excel files? If so, I think you can try a utility called Advanced Excel Repair to repair your Excel xls file. It works rather well for my corrupt Excel xls files. Its web address is

    Hope this will help.

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    This thread is almost 3 years old fyz - he's probably got a newer version of Office installed by now :)
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