Workforce 600 Printer Problems

By Trafficflow
Aug 11, 2009
  1. I have a card reader on this printer that has never really worked. The scanner and the printer work great. I think this might be a XP problem. I have Vista on my laptop and recently went to Windows 7 and no problem what so ever seeing the card. But anything with XP is all problems. Can somebody help? My warranty runs out soon and I would like to figure it out before then.Thanks
  2. raybay

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    You'll need to give us a better description and queston than that...

    Brand and model of printer. Age. When warranty expires by date.

    Description of WXP problems in detail.
  3. Trafficflow

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    Can do.
    Printer: Epson Workforce 6oo All in one.
    Warranty expires next month.
    Windows XP SP2
    I have installed the supplied drivers and when you put the card in the only way you can recognize the reader is to map your network to the IP address of the printer. You are suppose to map to the name of the printer.

    example: \\EPSON6405AC\MEMORYCARD
    Real time: \\\MEMORYCARD IP is fictional

    Once you get that far, when you put the card in it might see it but when you try to openit will just hang. If it does not see it you will get the message saying it can not find the drive.To repeat when i power up the laptop( WIN 7) it can see and open in a matter of seconds. And vista is okay also. Hope this clarifys it
  4. Trafficflow

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    I updated this thread with more info. Maybe somebody can help!! I searched Microsoft and found one fix which I loaded. There were many more. After I loaded it tried to open the drives but it could not find the path. What gives!!
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