World of Warcraft issues

By alise
Mar 7, 2005
  1. I play WOW a lot, my computer was specifically built so that I could play games like these without a lot of lag and without my CPU overheating. The last couple weeks my computer had been shutting itself down during the day, mostly in the middle of the day so I put it down to overheating. I moved it to a cooler room with lots of fans, basically, it hit about fifty in here today. When that didn't fix the problem I started getting rid of programs that I didn't need. Didn't work. Did a websearch and found out that other people were having problems with Cosmos, so I uninstalled however, I uninstalled the wrong folder. Thinking it wouldnt' do any harm I completely uninstalled the game itself and went to reinstall it. I got to the fourth disk and my computer again shut itself down. Now when I attempt to download it wont' even recognize the "installer" on disk one so I can begin the install process. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm looking for my windows disk now so that I can start from scratch, but any help in avoiding that would be appreciated.

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