WoW crashing, computer wont start up

By alwyzdreamin04
Mar 2, 2010
  1. So I play WoW and lately at random, when i log out i get a 10e error, blue screen. And I would restart and it would be fine. Well last night, my boyfriend was playing it on the computer, and he got that error, while just playing the game, rather than when he logged out. I went to turn on the computer this morning, and it wouldn't start. I'm fairly certain its a video issue but I'm not sure. There were other things he told me about the computer, like the fact it hasn't had any windows update in about a year. There was a couple updates that kept screwing up the computer, because they had to be installed in a certain order, and he never figured it out. So no updates in a year. I found a way to do a memory check and i guess it checked everything because I got a report back and everything was fine except..."repair action: system files integrity check and repair. Result: failed. Error code: 0x2. time taken: 3058 ms"
    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I'm guessing video issue which is why i put it here. But any ideas?
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    Windows Vista is up to Service Pack 2 now. The Windows updates are important to download and install regularly. You should turn on "Automatic Updates". You should also install all available updates by running Windows Updates again and again until no new updates are found... If this can't be done, or you are still getting system file errors, you may have to back up any important data and reinstall Vista fresh after formatting the hard drive. Be sure to download and install all Windows Updates after the fresh Vista install
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