Write protected flash drive

By boxfox
Mar 18, 2013
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  1. I've read a lot of forums about this topic, and none of them have an answer.
    I have a 32GB 3.0 flash drive from Micro Center (local store). It has been write protected, though not on purpose. It was just suddently protected one day.
    • There is no manual WP switch on the drive
    • Formated FAT32
    • Safetly removed, restarted, plugged back in -- no fix.
    • added storagedevicepolicies in the registry with a value of "0" and also deleted it -- no fix.
    • there are no other "storage device" entries in registry -- no fix.
    • there is no write protection in BIOS -- no fix.
    • used several pieces of software (HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, and another one similar for a different flash drive company) There is no software for this specific flash drive -- no fix.
    • Microcenter does not support it's products in the manner of fixing stuff like this...they'd just replace it, which would be great except there is extremely sensitive work data on the drive -- no fix.
    • Obviously you cannot reformat it, as it is write protected -- no fix.
    • I've used ATTRIB and FORMAT in command line (in safe mode, as well) -- no fix.
    • I've used appropriate utilities (steps above, disk utility, etc.) on 3 Windows 7 machines, 1 XP machine, and an Apple -- no fix.
    • It DOES show up in Disk Management: Healthy (Primary Partition).
    • Whenever it is plugged in, the "Do you want to scan and fix Removable Disk (G:)?" window pops up. I can actually run the scan, as long as I uncheck both boxes (it can't fix things because it's write protected) -- no fix.
    • I've done so called "100% Works" things found on youtube and elsewhere that involve using things like low level formatting tools -- no fix.
    I really need to get write protection off of this drive. Thanks for your time.

    Booted into linux and tried chmod fix.

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