WRT54G and WGA54G with Xbox live

By British_Command
Nov 12, 2006
  1. Right i have a Wireless WRT54G internet router and a WGA54G Wireless Gaming Adapter.

    I have had plenty of problems with these products with xbox live and solevd most of them!

    I have just recently bought splinter cell double agent the first couple of days i ahd it the online was great no downsides at all!

    But now i jave a rather interesting problem, after a few days of it working fine it has gone down hill like i cannot connect to some servers because there are certain people in their which i sort of conflict with so i get automatically kicked.

    When i host a game i hardly get any people in my room because so many people conflict with my router!

    I dont know why this has happened all of a sudden, i havent configured anything that i know of! The NAT is open so i dont get what the problem is!

    Please anything, i need help!

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