XP Antivirus 2008

By zaarenoc
Sep 17, 2008
  1. Hello,

    When I got this computer it would boot up normally but it was infected With XP Antivirus 2008, which disabled many control panel, start menu Functions. This system is WinXP Pro.

    I put a start-up disk in the floppy but it wouldn’t boot. I did manage to Boot from the XP install disk and run the repair function, but it didn’t Help. I checked BIOS settings and made sure the floppy was the first boot device, it still wouldn’t boot from the floppy so I replaced it. Didn’t help so I replaced the floppy cable, still no help.

    I removed power from the hard drive hoping to be able to boot from the Floppy, but it still didn’t work. I plugged the hard drive back in and tried To reboot normally but it couldn’t find the hard drive… replaced the ide Cable, that didn’t work either. Checking the BIOS the hard drive wasn’t
    Listed in the boot devices. I reset the bios but that didn’t help either.

    I checked the power supply and all voltages were present except the +3.3 Volts for the P-4 connector.

    Any idea what could have caused this or a way to fix it?


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    Circle the wagons - repeat steps that worked.

    The bios for some older computers require that the IDE be scanned for HDD's. Follow the help screens displayed from the bios.

    No voltage measured on the p4 connector - consult the label on the PSU or use a tester that checks all feeds. By the color for the wire, yellow is 12V ( This voltage is required to the drives.

    I doubt that malware is disabling the FD - my opinion. I would rely on the CD drive as the boot device.
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