XP Authentification Question

By VeryConfusedOne
Sep 26, 2005
  1. Hi guys, just had a quickie question... I know that Win XP Home notes certain info in a hardware hash that it uses during the authentification process, but Im wondering exactly what that is? Does it note serial numbers or just brand and model numbers? Cause I had an OEM HD failure in my Emachines pc (read: includes no retail XP, only recovery disks) and want to replace it with the same exact OEM HD model, but I wanna be sure that authentification will accept it. Emachines has said they wont help unless I buy an expensive replacement HD directly from them. They have been absolutely no help at all during the past six weeks, in which their crappy inadequate PSU died, frying my MB in the process (which started this whole mess). Same response from them... wont help unless I buy the parts from them (at inflated prices). :suspiciou

    Anyone know if this might work? I appreciate your time guys, as well as any responses. And please take note, never ever buy an Emachine. Warn anyone that will listen, please dont waste your money. I didnt even get two years out of my "top of the line" Emachine, and Im not the only one (read around the net). Dont fall into the same trap I did. Buy a custom PC or have one built instead.
  2. Liquidlen

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    Xp uses an identification number that each peice of hardware gets when you load O/S on a machine .These are used and live in the registry.You are supposed to be able to change 3 pcs of 10 on any machine without re-registering XP.However, there is no way to know if Emachine bios will recognize a HDD that is not their's . If you have any issues it will be from that point.
    If you buy a HDD from a retailer that has a decent return policy , give it a shot . Let everyone know how it pans out.
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