XP boots into black screen

By darkknight2k3
Oct 30, 2009
  1. I have an iphone case that charges it as well. i guess there was a short or something because the charging became sporadic. i plugged the usb into my computer over night and the next day when i booted up my computer it goes through the windows loading then instead of seeing my desktop i see a black screen. this is the same in safe mode. i've also rebuilt the system and i still get black screen. i'm puzzled cause i can get into and see my bios, and i see the windows loading, but when it comes to getting into the OS i get the black screen. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!
  2. C0u64R

    C0u64R TS Rookie Posts: 22

    sounds like a power issue have you checked to see if your voltages are correct to your graphics card?

    alternatively you may be able to plug in your monitor to another graphics card port to see what you can see... if nothing try replacing the graphics card see if you get anything then. If nothing double check that the power supply has enough power to power the graphics card and everything else in your system. With any luck you will either need a higher wat power supply or a new graphics card / monitor combo.

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