XP Pro keeps rebooting

By ritzchef
Oct 2, 2008
  1. I use XP Pro SP3. While working with files I got a message that Internet Explorer detected some harmful files and wanted to scan my pc with PCPrivacyCleaner. I told it not to install, since I did not trust the message. But, it started installing anyhow and got stuck in a loop. Now my PC keeps rebooting when it loads the desktop icons. I tried using safe mode, but none of the options offered will work. They keep rebooting also. I get the same results with using the last properly working option. It has to be the software that tried to install, since all was fine until that happened. I thought using safe mode would allow me to delete what was installed and all would be fine.

    I ran SpyBot S&D, Ad-Aware, CCleaner and AVG Anti-Virus and all was fine, earlier in the day. I had no problems until the Internet Explorer message appeared.

    I am desperate for a solution and would appreciate any suggestions. I searched your site for common problems, but nothing seemed to help. Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for the lenghty explaination, but I wanted to be as accurate as possible.
  2. kimsland

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  3. CCT

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  4. kimsland

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    Ok according to CCT's link above Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware fixes the issue (also being part of Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions )

    But I thought I'd better reply due to the "XP Pro keeps rebooting" issue

    Go to Safe Mode (by repeatively pressing F8 on your keyboard on Windows startup, then selecting Safe Mode)
    Once logged into Safe Mode, click on:
    Start->Run-> MSCONFIG
    And then select Diagnostic mode
    Then restart Normally to Normal Windows

    Then either do just Malwarebytes
    But I'd suggest completeing all steps in Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions to be safe ;)

    Once the malware is fully removed, go back to
    Start->Run-> MSCONFIG
    And then select Normal startup
    Restart, done :)
  5. ritzchef

    ritzchef TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I can't get safe mode to load. So I can't try anything.
  6. kimsland

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    Can you get to Safe Mode Command Prompt ? (an alternative to Safe Mode)

    If so, on the command prompt you could do a System Restore
    (note you must have administrator rights)

    %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe enter
  7. ritzchef

    ritzchef TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know what you mean, but no matter what option I select in the safe mode menu, nothing works. The closest I get is, my desktop icons load, the clock is in the task bar, but then the rebooting starts. I do not know how to trouble shoot, or run a program if I can not get booted in safe mode.
  8. ritzchef

    ritzchef TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, none of the options in safe mode menu work for me.
  9. ritzchef

    ritzchef TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Is it possible to make a boot disc and try to trouble shoot?
  10. kimsland

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  11. ritzchef

    ritzchef TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sounds great, but if I can't access this drive, how can I back it up? I am convinced it is a file issue that PCPrivacy put on and not letting it boot. But.....

    If it becomes necessary to reformat and install XP, on this drive, is is possible, via a backup, to get my favorites, email addresses, data files and my desktops icons, etc.? Without the icons, I do not know what programs I had installed and their versions. I hope I am not screwed.

    What program would you suggest I use to back up the drive? Norton Ghost or something similar? I have never used Ghost, but have heard of it. Thanks for all your help and I will let you know what happens.

    I hope you have a better day than I am.
  12. CCT

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    You can try slaving that drive in another comp and running Malwarebytes on it that way.
  13. ritzchef

    ritzchef TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the advice CCT.....I will give it a try.
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