XP Reboots on Startup- Ram removed temp fixes it

By Dan2ac
Apr 2, 2007
  1. I am running XP on a Sony Vaio computer with 2 sticks of 512 ram.
    It started shutting down and restarting about 10 days ago all of a sudden.
    It gave me options of start in "Safe Mode, Safe w/networking, Regular windows, and Restart with last known good configure." no matter what you choose the windows screen starts then it just shuts off and restarts.
    Anyway. I thought it was a ram problem and removed 1 of my 512's as I have 2. It starts fine and runs fine. I then swapped out the 512s and both run fine. I then tried each stick in each slot seperately and they both are fine. But if I put them both in at the same time it starts the restart thing again.
    I then bought a 1gig ram stick and stuck it in by itself. It does the restart thing again. So apparently it won't accept over 512 ram.
    I am going to get a XP disk and try a repair install but I was hoping someone might have another suggestion as to what I might try ??
    Thanks for possibly helping.
    Dan II
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