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By tigger
Mar 27, 2003
  1. I just finished with the xp tweak and have a few questions,the TCP/IP net bios,I disabled this do I have to change anything in the internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties?and I'm not sure about SSDP discovery services or wirless zero configuration,and last but not least QOS RSVP which is not in my service do I need to install this? (would QOS RSVP enable me to download music quicker) :eek:
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    SSDP discovery services should be disabled because of XP's Universal Plug & Pray vulnerabilities. Wireless zero configuration isn't needed if you don't have a WLAN adapter. I'm not sure about QoS, I've heard talks that it affects things even when set to zero. I've also seen some occasions where disabling NetBIOS has affected network usability with 9x machines.

    Welcome to Techspot forums, by the way :)
  3. tigger

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    so I could saftly disable SSDP and wirless zero(on wirless zero I don't know or have a WLAN adapter so I know I don't need that)my machine is running fine so far diabling NetBIOS so I'll leave it that way,and Qos I don't have it installed so I'll just keep reading the forum.
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    Basically a method of enabling better quality connections, by using some bandwidth for ECC (Error Checking and Correction).

    Most Tweaking Guides Recommend You set it to 0 or remove the service but it will make no difference, unless you are using an ISP that has a QoS system in place, in which case you would want to leave it enabled to receive a better quality connection.

    It also seems to affect how much bandwidth Windows Update use if AutoUpdates are enabled, but I cannot confirm this.
  5. tigger

    tigger TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    thanks so much for the infomation.
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