XP workgroup login problems

By rowan
Jun 19, 2006
  1. Hiya folks,

    Well it's been awhile...if yo been watching the news re: East Timor you can gather why :-(

    First off, would like to thank those that replied to my plea re: logon loggoff loop caused by brontok although i have to say none of the suggestions worked and i had to reasort to motre drastic measures. I wold have got back to you all on it but as i said all hell broke loose here and it became a rather minor matter.

    Anyway, to my latest problem.

    I am currently working with a local NGO here who have six computers networked using static IP's.

    All the computers can see each othewr and all can share except one. This one, although it can be seen asks for a username and password when you double click onm the icon. None of the other computers ask for this ie: double click and you are in!

    I have done some pretty intense searching on the web to no avail and again run short of time.

    Can someone tell me how to disable this need for a login and passwiord and get this computer to act like the rest ie: be readily accessible.

    Of course this computer happens to be the internet comnnection and the printer server :) Typical heh heh

    I eagerly await your most appreciated wisdom.

    ( from the kingdom of viruses and now a half burnt city )
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