XPS M1530 no display

By mononga
Aug 28, 2010
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  1. Hello,

    My M1530 over heated and stopped working a few months ago. From what I seen online that this is a common problem with this notebook. I replaced the motherboard on the laptop and I can hear it booting but nothing is happening. I can hear it trying to read the disk in the cd drive and I see the HDD light going on then goes out after a while. At first I would only get a blinking A lock but after reseating the ram that no longer happens. I tried holding down the FN key then power and all I get is a blinking 9 lock and solid A and down arrow lock. No display or power going to the screen it seems. I tried a external monitor and pressing the fn - lcd key and no display to the external as well. I'm am not sure what else to check. The new mother board was sealed in static bag and never been used. Is it possible the cpu or a something else got fried as well? The laptop is out of warranty so any help would be great.


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