Yahoo goes after spam

By Julio Franco
Dec 8, 2003
  1. Yahoo has pre-announced that it intends to do something serious about spam next year, Reuters reports. Its new initiative, named "Domain Keys" will involve automatic cryptographic signatures on mail. The signature will identify which Internet domain the mail is from.

    This line of attack on spam seems rather more promising than the law-based line, which doesn't seem to be going the right way, even assuming you could identify who the lawbreakers were. And though many of us may feel like kneecapping the spammers, that approach suffers from the same problem, plus the problem of legality.

    Read more: The Inquirer.
  2. Krugger

    Krugger TS Rookie Posts: 173

    well i'll be, someone is actually being innovation in this fight against spam... this is far more promising then trying to wage a spam filter war. now if they can just create a system that stops *****s from opening virii filled attachments that bring email systems to their knees...
  3. khosw

    khosw TS Rookie Posts: 36

    sounds like a good idea, It would be even better if government were to enforce companies to use domain keys, or be fined.
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