Yet another DirectX 9 problem

By Christian99
Dec 1, 2008
  1. Hi everybody.

    Before I decide to either destroy or sell my pc. I might just ask for help. I can play games like crysis and warheads and all the new games. But I cant install older games. I always liked Godfather and Most wanted. but when I install them they say I need directx 9c.

    I have directx 9c. Thats what is so puzzeling to me. To be more precise i have version 4.09.0000.0904. I dont know much about pc's, I'm more into engines. All my other games work without any problems but I just cant get those 2 games to install. I downloaded directx 9 nov 2008. installed it but it still said I have the version 4.09.0000.0904 and still cant install the 2 games. Please help!

    oh. and I did format the pc and reinstalled windows and tried installing the new directx but it did nothing

    I guess I also need to give more info on the pc. its XP and 9600 series GForce 4 gig ram.. or 3.5gig thanks to XP

    so nobody knows how to fix it?
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  3. Christian99

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    ok. im gonna see if it helps! thanks a lot.

    you guys wont believe what happend to me today. I tried to install call of duty. then all of a sudden I hear a snapping noise. i open the cd drive and the cd was in pieces. after i get the drive toclose i cant get it to open. luckily i have 2. lol

    yippy! it worked! im installing Godfather! Thanks a lot! Now lets hope the same thing works with most wanted. I wonder if I should copy all the CD's to the HD.
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