Zalman VF3000F modification question

Jul 16, 2011
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  1. My question is if I can modify a Zalman VF3000F's LED's to either turn them off, or change them to a blue color. I plan on repainting the greed shroud to either black or blue (would also like an opinion on that ^_^) and I'd like to know if I could either replace the 92mm fans, change out the LED's in the current fans, or if all else fails how to disable to LED's in the fans. I'd rather have no LED's than have LED's that don't match my color scheme. *Which you can see in the attached pictures.* Thanks to all who help in advanced. I did search all over to see if someone else has done it, but I've been unsuccessful in finding information of this. I'd appreciate any help provided.

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    okay, I will have a go. If the LED's in the Zalman fans are like most LED fans. The actual light is embedded into the frame of the fan casing, making the lights removal impossible without destroying it. USAULLY, the electrical leads are exposed outside the fans frame, and are easy enough to cut.
    As far as simply changing the fans out. While 92mm is a standard size, a look at the coolers shroud seems to indicate that the fans are either framed with a thin round structure, or may be proprietary. wither way, you might want to call Zalman and ask before you order up new fans.
    probably not much help, but I tried :)

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    Thank you, it's more information than I had. Although I knew I could cut the wires, I just wasn't sure if that was a sure fire way to do things. But I honestly think I'm just going to go for a Gelid VGA cooler instead, but thank you for your help.

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