HP's invention, due in drives soon, lets users burn labels

By Derek Sooman on March 9, 2004, 5:06 AM
[COLOR=#1951B9]"Looking for a way to label your multitude of CDs and DVDs neatly and efficiently? HP has come up with an elegant answer: Use the same laser that already burned the data to make a label on the flip side of the disc. "[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#1951B9]"A technology dubbed LightScribe enables drives to burn a silk screen-like, high-contrast label on the upper side of CD or DVD media bearing a special coating. After completing a data burn, users will be prompted to flip the disc over to burn a label onto the other side. "[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#1951B9]"There are no consumables like ink or ink jet cartridges; the only consumable is the disc itself," says Daryl Anderson, project manager and HP engineer responsible for inventing the technology as part of a joint effort between HP's Imaging and Printing Group and its Personal Systems Group. [/COLOR]

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MrGaribaldi said:
Cool!Maybe now I'll finally remember to label my cd's so I know what's on them. Just hope the price won't be too high, and that you can buy the cd's in stacks of 50.
vassil3427 said:
I thought Yamaha offered a burner like this that let you burn labels....
Didou said:
The yamaha burner lets you draw or write text on the data side of the disc & on the unused portion of the disc ( technology called [url=http://www.yamahamultimedia.com/yec/tech/discta2_01.asp
DiscT@2[/url] ). If you burn a CD with 700mb worth of a data ( on a 700mb blank CD ), you had no room left to write text & whatnot.This HP burner lets you do it on the other side of the disc.I just hope there won't be any cases of CDs catching fire with this technique.;)
acidosmosis said:
I guess my sharpee marker just became obsolete. Haha.
StormBringer said:
You'll get my Sharpie when you pry it from my cold, dead hands [IMG]http://img33.photobucket.com/albums/v99/Privateer/emoti
ons/shootc.gif[/IMG]That would be very handy though for things where you'd want a nice looking label.
acidosmosis said:
I love my sharpee :-D.
MrGaribaldi said:
[quote][i]Originally posted by StormBringer [/i]That would be very handy though for things where you'd want a nice looking label. [/quote] Or want a lot of info on the disc... The latter is at least true for me who can't manage to write small letters ina readable way using a filt-tip pen....
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