Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

By Derek Sooman on May 19, 2005, 8:10 PM
I just got back from seeing Star Wars Ep III: Revenge of the Sith, and I must say I am (here's a first!) stunned into silence almost. It was totally cool. Watching that film, one almost feels the urge to be really, really annoyed at Lucas for not making the first two movies better. There's just next to nothing bad I could say about the film - no silly space filler pod races, no rubbish put in there just for kids. This was not, as you will discover, a kid's movie. It's something else - darker than you might expect and a lot closer in tone to Star Wars Ep V: The Empire Strikes Back, which also happens to be my favourite movie of all time.

Nothing is held back: you see all of those great moments. You see Anakin become Darth Vader, in a transformation scene that leaves the cyborg stuff in "Robocop" or "The Best of Both Worlds" totally standing still. In fact, that particular scene reminded me more of something from a Nine Inch Nails video than something from the crappy kiddie Star Wars we have gotten used to in recent years. Even better, I believe that Jar Jar Binks did not speak once, although itís a very big shame he didnít find death at the hands of a Sith lightsaber. I was hoping for that. Oh, and the Emperor is just cool as hell.

All in all, I think even if you did not like Episodes I and II, you will like Revenge of the Sith. Although itís not a patch on any of the first three (thatís not possible), itís very much worth seeing and I hope you will go to the cinema to watch it, rather than downloading it or waiting for the DVD. It was just great.

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driverjosh said:
I went to the midnight showing to a movie for the second time (the matrix reloaded being the first.and I have to say holy crap! This movie completely rocked! It was excellent! I couldn't have hoped for much more. Too bad Episode One was not this good ( I liked episode II) but even that was not this good. This movie was excellent!
Strakian said:
I concur, quite possibly one of the bets in the series. Still can't quite compare to Empire, but it definitley gives the other originals a run for their money. A must see.
david.rothera said:
Have to say.... I went to the midnight showing and the 9.30am showing and I thought it rocked as much both times I saw it,Did anyone else see the Millenium Falcon in one of the scenes?
Phantasm66 said:
Heheh did you hear the Emperor saying "Execute order number 66"??66, I like it.
Jacmert said:
Yeah, I went to the midnight showing, too, and it was AMAZING!!! I loved it. Definitely a satisfying conclusion for a hardcore Star Wars fan.
barmanmyk said:
Yeah? I too went to the midnight screening, and aside from the effects thought the movie as a whole was a huge disappointment. The acting was second rate (are you listening, Ewan?), the plot felt labored and forced and the storyline was a casualty of epic proportions - I have yet to see someone giving birth smile & name the child WHILE in labor with another child. As for Vader, at least he has a future (?) in Days of Our Lives. To quote the Sith Lord, "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Avoid.
phantasm66 said:
Sorry, but I disagree. As to:[quote]I have yet to see someone giving birth smile & name the child WHILE in labor with another child.[/quote]That came across as a custom in her society. Did you not hear the droid chanting some kind of saying when each child was born? It looked to me like it was a custom to for a mother to name children instantly.
Saleem said:
Well im most prolly gonna get flamed for saying this but it has to be said,Ep3 is a great movie... if your a 10 year old. Imho it lacked the overall strength of character and depth of the original trilogy. Dont get me wrong the movie was far better then the first two prequels but is still a far cry from the original set. Eye candy is great but if anything ep3 proves that too much of a good thing is bad. No matter how glam it is the fact poor acting and stilted dialog drag this down into the rental only catagory.Though Lucas has reduced the element of comic relief present and attempted to make it "grittier" the end result is still a poor attempt at laying down the foundations for what has been a classic of its genre.These are a few examples of where i think the movie wrecks itself:1) opening scene after the flyby from the jedi fighters obi wan says "i got a bad feeling about this" again. Being a general and a leader of men he would know better then to say something that would potentially wreck the morale of those around him. That being said as a general he would have known the severity of the situation and what was at stake. Saying what he did casts akin to that of a private "red shirt" following his fearless leader who in this case appeared to be anikin2)R2 fumble with the lift- its a frakking astromech droid... it can plot hyperspace routes make emergency repairs to a ship blast things to kingdom come with its built in arsenal but cant tell the difference between up and down even after its accessed the ships comp systems? 3)I have never and i mean never in my experience in the army seen a field communicator set to to the volume level it was in that scene. even if stealth it no longer an option you still dont want ppl overhearing your orders and compromising your position. Obviously in a galxy far far away they dont believe in volume control.4)Polite Battle droids... arent these things supposed to instill fear into their enemies and proceed to destroy them?it goes on and on but these are some things that i picked up in the first 15 mins of the show, dont get me started about vader going noooooooooooooooo, hmmm is that really the mark of a sith lord??The story in Knights of the old republic two was better and the main character has text for speach, not only that but the supporting character are far more convincing in their responses and reactions to you as a player... oh btw did i mention that its a game?I feel that lucas has dealt a killing blow to the star wars franchise sorta like what clooney did to batman everyone is just to polite to admit it. Children are going to grow up thinking that starwars is about blasters vs lightsabers when in fact the original movies were about heroism, sacrifice, friends and loyalties. Though nice to watch light saber combat doesnt make a movie, this illustrates my point:A new Hope: 1 LS duel between Obi wan and vader Empire Strikes back: Ls duel on bespin luke vs vader and in the tree on dagobahJedi: ls hack and slash on jabba the hutts yacht and luke vs vader in the finalebut the movies are great despite it all or lack of. In New hope obi wan mentions that the LS was a weapon of a more civilised era, jedi werent supposed to run around loping body parts off just because they could. The entire Jedi philosophy was based off bushido the samurai code of ethics whereby the only time the sword was unsheathed was to kill someone. In this example luke doesnt count coz he wasnt a jedi until return of the jedi whereby his character changed from being the rash sometimes insecure kid to the quite man who was in deep thought and struggling against his own inner dark side.Well at least we'll always have episodes 4,5 & 6 oft reffered to as starwars "before it sucked"
Phantasm66 said:
I'd never for one minute begin to say that it was anything like the original three. No way.But there is no way ANYONE will make movies like those again, even the people who made them originally. Face it, popular culture is more shallow now, it started with all the Spice Girl crap and its still here now. I don't blame Lucas for this - I blame greedy corporations.But back to "Revenge" - yes, of course its nothing like the original three. Empire makes me friggin cry! But Revenge was an entertaining, good flick that ended the trilogy well, and was enjoyable, and didn't totally cater to kids as the first two did. I also think you are nitpicking quite a bit as well, but if you didn't enjoy it then fair enough.
Saleem said:
I guess i meght be a little bit, but i think its justified. If some no name just out film school director produced ROTS i probably would bat an eye lid, but this is lucas were talking about, master story teller (maybe?). Its comparable to buying a table from ikea or buying one from a designer butique. One is only gonna last you 3 years where as the other should last a life time. The whole story smelled of lazy writing, plot devices were way to convinient and often coincidental. Worse yet the movie seems to insinuate that the audience is to dumb to understand whats going on for themselves. On the up side Rots WAS gorgeous and the space battle scenes probably some of the better ones i have seen. Your right though to say that todays pop culture is shallow, but we should also understand that pop culture is the by product of mass media. If the shows the put on were even half as good i bet that peoples expectations would rise and they would just say to mindless tripe... (not that im saying rots is mindless) I remember a while back some director commented that if spielberg and lucas were to produce anything it would be immediately lauded as being great and ground breaking even if it wasnt necessarily so. I do believe thats exactly what happened. Lucas attitude of "its my universe, i'll do anything i want to it" doesnt make matters any better. there is a wealth of story and background written by other writers and authors for the star wars universe some of it even pretty good. its sad to think that most of this was probably ignored just to satisfy the ego of one man.Instead of writing stories for people he wrote a story for himself, that means only those few likeminded as him can appreciate it.Its important for people to voice honest no biased views on this matter so that story tellers or anyone in general can take a lesson from this. Honestly if Rots didnt have the Star wars brand to it, it was some other universe where ppl had powers and fought with deadly energy blades, would you actually have the same opinion of it. Remember Wing Cmdr the movie. everyone bagged it for its crappy dialog etc etc etc only a few ppl actually had anything good to say about it. Why was that? well for one it wasnt a great movie but more importantly no.2 it didnt have the background history that Star wars had. Now imagine Wing Cmdr the movie had a history and cult following as big as star wars. Would it still have been bagged i dont think so, ppl would be saying how great it looked, how kewl to ship to ship fights were and they wouldnt care that it was a poor movie and would prolly get a bit peeved when someone said it stank.The reason why most of us walked away thinking it was kewl after watching rots was for the very same reason, we all love star wars, we all wanted to see how the jedi were massacared how the republic dethroned and the empire formed, we wanted it and we wanted it bad. So bad that when anikin was introduced to us as a 9 yr old boy we said ok i can take that, when that 9 yr old boy falls in love with a woman twice his age we went thats just puppy love, when that boy grew up and met the girl again many years later and she hadnt aged a day we thought possible... all these things are convinient story arcs and hooks but unfortunately they dont make a good storyNow the original trilogy i think everyone can agree is an amazing piece of story telling. the way things happened in them made us want to find out more on our own, thus starting the journey of discovery which often is the by product of good story telling.After all isnt that what stories are for...?
shnig said:
making you think...
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