Mozilla says Firefox bug not critical

By Derek Sooman on December 13, 2005, 1:23 PM
Mozilla have claimed that the recently discovered security flaw in Firefox 1.5 is not serious. The problem, which refers to a temporary startup unresponsiveness caused by web pages in browser history with extremely long titles, has had its initially critical status questioned by Mozilla. Mozilla claims that the unresponsive starts will continue until the item with the long title is removed from the history file or eventually expires. This can happen for up to a few minutes on slower machines.

The Mozilla advisory said the issue had been investigated by its researchers and no basis had been found to back up claims that variants of this denial-of-service attack could cause an exploitable crash.

"No evidence for this claim has been offered. There does not appear to be any risk to users or their computers beyond the temporary unresponsiveness at startup," the advisory said.

There is currently no word on when a fix will be released.

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enasni said:
Wasn't firefox just released and already they have glitches and bugs. I say they didnt do the right type of testing to find these. They'd rather promote it as a great invention than make it actually work.
insidious420 said:
Ensani: you state "..right type of testing to find THESE..": it's only ONE non-critical bug, and if you read the article, it sounds like something extremely minimal."They'd rather promote it as a great invention than make it actually work." Have you even used Firefox? Not only does it work, it works exceptionally better than most other browsers out there, ESPECIALLY IE (please don't tell me you use IE). Your comments are more applicable to IE than Firefox. After countless versions of IE, there are still recurring and new bugs and security flaws and Microsoft has been promising for months (or is it years now) IE7 will address these flaws.Firefox is infinetly safer and more bug-free than IE has ever been and likely ever will be.
Mofoed said:
I think I prefer one bug than COUNTLESS one from IE. Firefox has been a gem for me. Firefox has just been faster and more innovative than IE at this point, I love the tabbed browsing dfeature which if course IE will copy from in thier version of IE7. So a 1 bug faster Firefox is much better than a numerous bug, flawed, slower IE.
enasni said:
I get what your both saying but IE sucks and we all know that. I think firefox has its good potential but it has flaws. A lot more than one. Yes, I did read the article but I have also read complaints all around the net about a couple problems related to IE. I was stating my opinion.I use Firefox and it does work somewhat better than IE but regardless it has similar flaws.
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