A closer look at Avivo

By Justin Mann on December 19, 2005, 7:55 PM
What exactly is Avivo? A wonderful question, one that has been asked a lot lately, especially with all the buzz surrounding ATI's new cards and a soon partnering with Intel to provide a series of media machines. Essentially, it's a way to improve the visual quality of your media regardless of what it's source is, from HDTV to saved video files.It's a way to further use the GPU to handle a lot of load formerly the CPU was responsible for. Anyone that likes the idea of or uses media boxes can appreciate with Avivo claims it can accomplish. Bit-tech has an interesting article about Avivo and how it can affect video. A lot of newer codecs, even on modern machines, can be very CPU intensive, something that can be a problem when you are also doing things like streaming, and even a very fast computer using a 3.6GHz P4 can still drop frames using some of these codecs. Avivo solves that, and the article explains why. If you're interested in Avivo, take a look.

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Bartzy said:
It's a great function. Instead of the CPU to handle all the pressure, the GPU helps and sometimes it is hard-coded in it.HD (high definition) is very popular by now, and better tools are a must for playbacks.H.264 hardware support is GREAT. This codec is just awesome, and I hope it will develop fast and we will see it in use in every computer, just like Divx or Xvid now. H.264 is so much better from everything you ever saw - Better image quality, MUCH lower file capacity, streaming options and more...Love AVIVO :)
asphix said:
I think this is a great feature and goes along with all the speculation a few years ago in regards to the GPU taking over your computer.With Vista coming along on the horizon which will also be decidedly GPU intensive it goes to show that feature sets such as this are what will define the graphics chip leaders of the future, not just raw performance.It excites me to see all these new technologies released that are adding a fine tuned edge to the functions of a computer. The PhysX chip, and now the AVIVO. I really think this is the future. Gone are the days of the MHz push and in comes complex dedicated components in its stead.
nathanskywalker said:
[url]http://www.ati.com/technology/Avivo/[/url]sounds good. ATI cards really did need a little more support for...Stuff other than games, like Dvds. My 9600 worked fine, but visuals were usualy just a little darker than they oculd be, or a little scketchy. If you are watching something that requires alot of graphics(such as Star Wars III), well that kinda takes some of the effectiveness out.
PanicX said:
Color me confused, but the article seems to describe this as being both a mobile(laptop), HTPC (Home Theater PC), and Gamer videocard. Then goes on to say that it's passively cooled, while showing a picture of a PCI Express card with a dual expansion slot heatsink on it. I've yet to see a laptop that can fit such a huge card, let alone claim it to be passively cooled with a huge blower fan on it. What am I missing here?
Kev_Boy said:
Nice little news story, I never wanted any in-depth information into AVIVO but a short explanation :)
mentaljedi said:
lol. AVIVO sounds promising but i just hope this is something thats not too good to be true.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Just another buzzword-filled advertisement like nVIDIA's PureVideo; just another way to get people to buy new graphics cards. Is there even one video application taking advantage of the older PureVideo thing yet? Vaporware, that's what I call it.
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