Google's 2005 year in review for searching

By Justin Mann on December 26, 2005, 5:01 AM
Every year we hear those “year in review” run downs on the news and radio, usually something decidedly local and picked by the producers for whatever you're watching. What would be more interesting? A set of information about what people were most interested in during the year. Google's 2005 search round-up is just that. Three short lists are showing what was on Internet users minds most often, what sites gained the most in popularity, and what products people are most after online. What was a surprise, but not really, was iPod taking up three of the top ten Froogle spots, and portable devices in general making up eight of those ten spots. Clearly, people are in love with mobile geek gear. For the most popular searches of 2005, searches for actors came up more than everything else. It's an interesting list.

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otmakus said:
Lol, Janet Jackson is the number 1 in news top searches 2005, I wonder why...
Eleventeen said:
That was pretty neat, looking at what everyone searches for the most. Hmm, wierd, I've never searched for any of those things in Google before. I guess I'm not interested in whatever everyone else is, atleast on that Google list.
Bartzy said:
Google is doing that every year, I think.It's a nice feature, no more. I thought most people searched for porn and sex, but Google probably filtered the results...
PUTALE said:
hehehe. I gotta say, Kudos to google for making the bes search engine so far. it's my first choice of search (maybe I am contributing some of the top searches...:))
MonkeyMan said:
There isn't anything to not love about Google. They are the largest online search engine in the world, and they have a variety of things to choose from. Only one thing though, I'm sure they left out porn lol. You know google, statistically, it is the number one searched thing online, and it is always number 1!!!!!!!!!! lol jk, but thanks for your service google, I love your search engine, and please keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
nimo333 said:
I agree that Google is very good but still not good for searching forums. I think MSN is the one that my geeky brother told me about that is the best now for searching forums.Anyway, I like google in what they are doing more about fiberoptics, future projects, online videos, and ebooks.
asphix said:
It would be neat if they put something like this up that updated in real time, all the time. Would be neat to see what is the most searched thing at any given time under a specific category.
Rod_Massoudi said:
I'm not surprised MySpace, Ares, and even World of Warcraft made their respective top 10's, but Janet Jackson #1? Wouldn't you think it would be Michael?As a side note, I personally love Google's scholarly library ( You can essentially find whatever scholarly piece of work you want that has ever been uploaded onto the net via google's site. It's awesome!! :P
mentaljedi said:
I agree with Bartzy, porn should be there but if you think about it, not everyone will just put "porn" in though a couple of pre-teen horny kids would. As for Janet Jackson... maybe they got confused with Michael as he pretty much looks like a girl now.
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