Pew Internet Project studies gender divisions in Internet use

By Derek Sooman on December 29, 2005, 1:11 PM
A study by the Pew Internet Project has found that men and women use the Internet differently, but that about the same percentage of men and women in the US are serious internet users. It is no longer the case that men outnumber women on the Net - that trend is perhaps even reversing.

The research found that men value the net for the freedom it gives them to try new ways of doing things.

By contrast women like the opportunities the net gives them to make and maintain human connections.

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sngx1275 said:
[quote]Men were also more likely to use the net for recreation[/quote]Translation: PornI have noticed that really the only time I use email (outside of work) is to send files to multiple people at once, but my mom and grandma use email to keep in touch with people (like the article mentions).There were some other interesting obvservations the article pointed out that I had noticed, but hadn't really ever put any thought into it.
asphix said:
Yeah.. makes sense. I only use the net to keep up to date with news, do research and play games. All the women I know mostly like to chat, shop or if they're playing games its an MMORPG for the social aspect.I know lots that are addicted to yahoo games and what not.
PanicX said:
Are you guys implying there's actual use of the internet besides porn? Wow, what will they think of next?
nathanskywalker said: are much better uses for the internet you know...much more healthy and less damaging...gosh...i could spend forever just learning, researching, arguing with people, designing and whatever else. though, i agree, it's seem that most girls do tend to avoid the informational side and tend to mostly "chat" and such. as for guys, hey like i said, porn is a horrible waste of internet space, and detrimental to everyone...
luismigilbert said:
i think women use internet for chat or mail...there are exceptions...
Kreuger said:
I could see the internet as a way to be more socialable environment for guys, I would think females are usually the talkative gender in person..
luvhuffer said:
AH HA HA HA HA HA!!! I'm playing Fantasy Football and reading the news, while all the women (who all are nothing more than merry homemakers) are chatting and e-mailing with their friends on how to accessorize their monitors. I'm not buying the results. Women have more going on than that. I wonder how they chose their sampling?
MonkeyMan said:
lol, you guys are so right. Porn, is perhaps the number one reason why men use the internet. I think women use the internet moreso for their shopping needs. In case any of you didn't know, women love shopping. Anyway, you've got to love the internet!!!!!! it is the modern highway for technology.
mentaljedi said:
porn's fine but you can't watch it all day. so guys must be doing something else of course. Namely, internet games, um... games... um... sites like this... anything to do with information they need. bodybuilding sites, health sites, anything. Women also use it for porn, but i guess its such a small market they have to use MSN and other "communicational" things. With all these sites like etc... some people really need to get a life.
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