Google's Adsense target of new Trojan

By Justin Mann on December 30, 2005, 7:04 PM
Even more nasty malware in the news, a new Trojan that exploits Google's Adsense is in the wild now. It is able to falsify search results that are turned up by Adsense, which is used by many sites. Once infected, ads look legit, aside from perhaps the titles, but are actually filtered by the trojan to produce whatever it wants. The article explains.

”The working of the Ad has a specific procedure. Wherein when the ad is clicked it forwards the user to 3 different sites one after another. What follows next is that the user finally lands himself to a page having a bevy of ads and links to more ads. Through this malicious program advertisers and publishers are the ones who are being deprived of their revenue.”
Google AdLinks are unaffected, and it's important to note that this is a user end infection, not a server compromise... but with the high use of Google and how often people take searching for granted, it's good to be careful.

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nathanskywalker said:
Nice, very nice.Well that is just one more pain to deal with.
Eleventeen said:
Why does everyone want to mess with Google all of a sudden. A few years ago they weren't that big but now that they are, they are getting sued and screwed around with trojans. Now we have to be more careful everyday while on the internet.
realblackstuff said:
Whenever I look for something using Google, I never follow any of the 'Sponsored Links', and hardly ever the first result that comes up (especially if it is dark/highlighted).Ads are wasted on me anyway.So by not following any, you should be quite safe.
mentaljedi said:
Who here actually pays attention to any ads on the internet whatsovever? Who? Nobody, its a waste of time and money! That, means i don't care about sponsered anything so i'm not effected lol. YAY!
DragonMaster said:
Sure, Trojans seem bad, but they make things more secure. Just imagine what would happen if there was a trojan for MacOS spreading like ones for Windows.
geforcemaniac said:
I personally avoid the sponsored links also. If you're lookin for a product you would be better searchin kelkoo or something!
spike said:
[b]Originally posted by DragonMaster:[/b][quote]Sure, Trojans seem bad, but they make things more secure. Just imagine what would happen if there was a trojan for MacOS spreading like ones for Windows.[/quote]That's a pretty poor argument - it's like kicking someone in the leg to cure a headache.
vigilante said:
What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, right?If there weren't viruses and trojans and hijacks, software vendors wouldn't be patching and fixing their software.Better then having NO viruses and such, then some day punk terrorist creates a simple program to steal everything from everybody, because the software was so full of holes never patched.So in one way, we all hate the malware, but in another sense, it is good as it keeps the vendors improving their security. So maybe our children's children will have a safe and secure Internet.Ya and who are all the ****** that click ads anyway? Nearly EVERY site I go to anymore has google ads. I can't remember a time I ever even LOOKED at the ads, let alone want it and click on it. People are just uninformed.
MonkeyMan said:
Well, continous ads popping up on my screen, is very annoying. I hope that there is a cure to this new virus. With my luck, I'll be the person that clicks on the ad, and have malicious spyware installed on my system lol.
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