Computer chips get under your skin

By Derek Sooman on January 8, 2006, 5:15 AM
Are you sick of forgetting your passwords? Want to just wave your hand instead? Amal Graafstra, a 29-year-old entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Canada, is doing so with a tiny radio frequency identification (RFID) computer chip implanted into his hand. So what is RFID, then?

According to Wikipedia, itís "an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders. An RFID tag is a small object that can be attached to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person. RFID tags contain silicon chips and antennas to enable them to receive and respond to radio-frequency queries from an RFID transceiver." Implanting these tags into human beings is not a new idea, and has in fact attracted some criticism from members of the Christian community, who liken the devices to the mark of the beast mentioned specifically in the Book of Revelation. Graafstra, however, sees it as nothing so sinister.

"I just don't want to be without access to the things that I need to get access to. In the worst case scenario, if I'm in the alley naked, I want to still be able to get in (my house)," Graafstra said in an interview in New York, where he is promoting the technology. "RFID is for me."

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Rage_3K_Moiz said:
Yeah I read about this in the paper today. Cool stuff. Seems The Jetsons are no longer a far-fledged reality, but really, really close.
otmakus said:
The potential use of this technology is enormous. There will be no more need of car keys, house keys, credit cards, bus/train tickets, ID cards, library card and most other cards taking space in our wallets. We can't lose it (of course except u lose ur hand...) and we can't forget to bring it. With a database of frequency identification (preferrably a massive, global one) and availability of transceivers, we no longer need to use GPS to navigate ourselves in the city streets, and lots of things can be adjusted according to our needs automatically based on our id. But the system have to be perfect. A little hole in the system can be used for abuse in an unimaginable scale too. U'd know what I mean if u had seen the movie "Minority Report"
Phantasm66 said:
Yeah....maybe now instead of shooting or stabbing us, robbers will just cut our hands off... ;)
Phantasm66 said: can remove them:[url]
r(EN)[/url]...maybe it will be a source of bullying at school.
K9-Cop said:
Otmakus hit the nail on the head. It would HAVE to be a perfect system. Why? Simply put, the larger the consequences, the lower the tolerance for system failure/abuse. And given that the consequences of an RFID system like this are astronomically large, the tolerance for system failure/abuse is astronmically tiny.The problem is, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT SYSTEM! That means if we're smart (which man has proven time and time again it isn't), we won't agree to a system like this no matter how alluring it is.
zachig said:
Altough it sounds crazy, after thinking about it, it's an interesting idea and smart as well, as RFID technology seems like the most leading technology in the future, as we'll see more and more products that support and/or include RFID chips.Chips in our body, sounds like Science Fiction? Not anymore!
Mictlantecuhtli said:
That's it, I'll move into a Faraday cage.
mastronaut said:
I think this can be a great tool for children with disabilities such as autism and seniors with alzhiemers who tend to wander away from home only to be lost or struck byvehicles at night. My 2 year old son is autistic, this just may be something that is an outright nesessity for him as he gets older. I've read horror stories from people who's loved ones have disappeared, some were found close to home, but that's not always the case. Sometimes the gains can out weigh the risks.
otmakus said:
yes, and the bullies don't even have to worry about burning the chip along with part of the hand either, they might even consider it a plus.
MonkeyMan said:
Well, as for the Christians, I agree that this is a method used and described in the book of revelation. We are moving closer and closer to this new method, and I believe, that we should all get in touch with Christ, pray every day, and go to church. I'm going to disagree with this product, because it uses an identification system, that could be used to control everyone on earth, if used inappropriately. I wouldn't welcome this idea, for the sake of humanity.
Eleventeen said:
The days of Alias (On ABC) are getting closer every day. Putting chips inside you? Sounds like a good idea to some, but for me it doesn't. This could lead to... things like controlling people with a remote or something by integrating a chip in their brain. Or maybe criminals will strap you in a chair and pry out the chips with a knife. Oh well, I guess everyone likes different things, I'm just not a big supporter of this one.
Kreuger said:
Sounds pretty cool but wouldn't it be easy to steal the passwords that way or does it feed off brain waves?
exscind said:
This is a double-edged sword. The benefits of the RFID tag can be great since it reduces the amount of items one has to carry as well as increasing flexibility on the end-user part; however, it is also very possible for this to be abused. I can already see hackers gleeing with joy if/when they find this RFID tag/transponder story. It'd be nice to read an article that goes into greater detail of the RFID tag since Wikipedia doesn't explain it extremely well.
PUTALE said:
it's a cool idea but I guess some people will feel scared to implement a chip on their body.
fury said:
We are the Borg... resistance is futile. ;)Yeah, there are some ups and downs. The convenience factor is an up, and the prospect of someone taking off your hand to get your access is one of the downs.The way I see it, humanity as a whole needs to evolve into a far more cooperative entity before a thing like this will be feasible in mainstream use. I can foresee way too many exploits of this kind of technology in the hands of someone with less than good intentions.
dr_roman said:
It should be so easy, but it's not. "The Final Cut" & "Minority Report" do come to mind, as far as big brother is involved & he will be....once we get there. Technology is ultimatly aiming at simple thing: Usability, comfort & size. Notice how things not only advance in speed, but also reduce in size (cell phones...). Where is it all going ? Inside our body is one place...Jewlery is another way...One thing should never change...the choice we make. I mean, after all, if you were being chased around like in "Minority Report" you would probably not want your retinas being read on every corner. On the other hand, if your life is already boring & all you have left to solve is forgetting your credit card at home, go ahead, get an implant...Choice should be supllies choice.What we do with it...that's a whole different opera...
nathanskywalker said:
[b]Originally posted by PUTALE:[/b][quote]it's a cool idea but I guess some people will feel scared to implement a chip on their body.[/quote]let me take this a step further, you will have to kill me to get a chip anywhere in my body! gosh , are we stupid! that is such and invasion of privacy, and as many others said, that is also a double edge sword, and the sharper side is pointed towards the user. Hackers will find ways to exploit, probably with fair ease, and worse, do you really want to trust the government, and anyone who just happens to be able to have that kind of hardware...well nvm...but this is one very bad step in the wrong direction, even if the intentions are good, and idea is very interesting...
cyrax said:
Well in my opinon the book of revelations stuff is a bit far fetched, but this is not the place to discuss religeon. I as definately worrid about potential for infection, short circuits, using it to illegally track people. The last one is very applicable since the prez decided to snoop on people illegally and then watch people in the eye and say it was the right thing to do.
rahuls said:
I dont see any danger in inserting such things in our body as long as our body accepts them
iluvnug said:
Call me old fashion but I'd rather just type the password. Neat idea but not necessary.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Why not put RFID chips into rings, necklaces or other jewellery instead? The metal could work as an antenna at the same time, and less people would oppose wearing them.
Masque said:
[b]Originally posted by iluvnug:[/b][quote]Call me old fashion but I'd rather just type the password. Neat idea but not necessary.[/quote]I agree with this in so many ways. I'm not letting anything get under my skin other than my wife. :)
barfarf said:
Yeah i see these chips RFID as nothing but a huge risk. Hackers will exploit itand privacy will be invaded. Oh wait that is already the case with computers. MAybe they can make a linux version of RFID? I can see this one day becoming mandatory like the current messed up Social Security system. Did you know when SS was was invented the goverment promised it would always be a voluntary system and never used for tracking people. All lies now.
mentaljedi said:
I disagree with the Christians because its just another form of identification. I mean, people are syaing they'll cut your hands off, but what abour irisrecognition orfingerprint scanning. I don't see people's eyes and fingers get cut out all the time do i? It is a doubledged sword but what isn't? There is nothing, i repeat, NOTHING good that doens't have a sinister use. ITs just the way it is so LIVE with it just like we have been with nucluar warheads, guns, and all dangerou stuff that can be used to harm or protect!
flavin said:
this is a big step into technology. but there r these things called "finger prints" that could be used for the very same things. as a matter of fact at the JEWEL OSCO by my house u can now pay with ur finger print and get money out of the ATM too. i kid u not. i was in there and at the register they have the finger print scanner thing and i asked what thats for and the lady said "its to pay for ur things" on my way out i saw the same thing on the ATM. it was amazingand if these chips could be used for GPS it could cut down on crime 100%. thing of it IF everybody gets one. and thats suppose to be a preety big if. then nobody would want to break the law. if it could be monitored and recorded over the entire world then u could find the person that commited the crime and go find them. the world would be such a better place without all the killing and other crimes that bring people pain and sufferingthe future is going to be so bright and truly amazing and groundbreaking
michelena2000 said:
This is getting scary. I am not a church goer, but I have read the revelation and when this type of tech takes place, it is not a good thing.
bigdog said:
well i would love to have this in my head you guys thing people will cut your hands off and stuff well you guys need to read more and not just what is put here. if something happens to you it will call 911 right away heart attack and everything you think people would get away with taking your hand off i don't think so it would stop all people from killing as here is no way anyone will get away with it. not only that will stop people from taking drugs and stuff as well it would be a better world with chips like these now hackers ya could hack your info but they not going to get away with it ether as it tracks all i cant wait will this gets passed so i can put one in my head or had or where ever i also like the ship where they put in your head where all you have to do is think to do something on the computer i like that one the most. why as it will save time you could do 2 things at once go on the computer and do something with your hands at the same time as long as you know how to think of 2 things at once. could get x2 more work done would save so much time. it will get passed one day even if it takes 50 years it will get passed as it is a must for are future even if you guys don't think it is.
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