Apple continues to storm the field with iPod in 2006

By Justin Mann on January 9, 2006, 5:12 PM
Despite the vast assortment of mp3s players available, with even more on the horizon, there is apparently no real competition for the iPod. Apple made a really big splash for various reasons, and not even the impressive Creative Zen stood up to the various incarnations of the iPod. Apple has no intention of slowing down, and 2006 will see yet more revisions as well as other hardware and software designed around it. For all that can be said, the iPod's success was from a glorious combination of good marketing and a good product, pricey though it may be. The CES was a disappointment for those hoping to see a company ready to give a go at it, but as long as people are satisfied with the iPod it's likely that Apple will be able to stay on top for some time to come. Now we even have video iPod I wonder what Apple has in store that they aren't saying for 2006.

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CrossFire851 said:
Wow, no one saw that. A device that the average person can use to enjoy his tunes/vids on the go and brag to there friends about it. The reason I think the iPod took of so well is becase of good avertising, it had alot of wows and awws. It is sleek, good design there apple, user-friendly(wich when the the G4s came out there wasn't a device like this on the main market) music transfers fast so it couldnt get complaints, it is compatible with windows and MAC the main stream OS's, and decently afforadable. As long as apple comes out with more product like thses there portable music players will continue to thrive.
PanicX said:
It's trendy, every high school kid wants one. I personally won't use one. Only because I feel that iTunes and the iPod service are horribly buggy pieces of software. I've seen them crash at least a dozen machines and I'm really sick of dealing with it.
PUTALE said:
apple might as well just change the name to ipod, it seems like it's the only thing that's selling so hot and making some profits. I am curious what else can apple bring to the ipod. I don't like ipod video because it's limited to only certain type of video. I wish apple can really open up more and support more codecs.
asphix said:
I believe the reason the iPod took off so well to begin with is because its control scheme with size and storage capacity coming in a close second. When the iPod was first launched the only real competition in the mp3 player market to my knowledge was the Creative Nomad Jukebox and the Archos Jukebox (I think thats what it was called.. correct me if i'm wrong). Anything else was only equipped with 28 or 64mb of memory.. simply not a viable alternative.The offerings from creative and archos were lumbering hulks slightly larger than the size of a standard CD player. On top of that, their control schemes were horrible. By control scheme I not only mean the button interface but also the software interface and how you navigate your data stored on the device.The iPods just made sense. While they had a great marketing campaign, that didnt really take off until a year after the device hit shelves that I was aware of. Most of the devices early popularity was through word of mouth and first hand experience through friends and at a store.Now.. well.. the iPod is a cultral icon as much as any pop singer or movie actor/actress. There are plenty of good products out there, but everyone knows of the iPod. It has established itself as a very good product and having another product show itself as just as good is not enough. Only very attractive pricing coupled with a great marketing campaign (which contradicts the attractive pricing) packaged with consumer incentive and consumer appeal will dethrone the iPod. And this is assuming Apple sits and does nothing in opposition to any such moves.The iPod will forever be known as the king of mp3 players, just as much as when we think of a portable tape player.. its always a "walkman". I even reffer to tape players of other brands as a Walkman.I only hope apple continues to release great products and doesnt take this new unwavering power for granted at consumer expense.
exscind said:
[b]Originally posted by asphix:[/b][quote]I believe the reason the iPod took off so well to begin with is because its control scheme with size and storage capacity coming in a close second.[/quote]The controls and storage are two of three big reasons. You forgot the last one: Marketing. Let's face it, when have you seen a commercial advertising Creative Zen or any other MP3 player? The ability for easy usage and storage is one thing, but if nobody knows about it, it won't sell big and become a popular product. The iPod was (and is) a brilliant product by Apple because it hit all the big fields: It is easy to use, it has a good storage capacity, and enough advertising to let consumers know of iPod's capabilities.
otmakus said:
Apple managed to place iPod as a fashion item. Usually women didn't like high tech gadgets, but with iPod, they just have to have one (or more). It's just my opinion, but I think more women bought iPod than men. iPod is now like a jewelry, it's hip, and everybody else is wearing it. It also helps that the gadget works well, with good ergonomics, and with an all out marketing.
flavin said:
ipods r so very popular. i got a creative zen sleek for christmas that is great. and whenever i pull it out of my pocket everyone alwyas says "hey is that an ipod" a regular person without any technology knowledge only knows of one type of mp3. the ipod.personaly i think theyre so popular because of theyre look(especially the wheel) and now they have so many different types and acessories to go along with them thats its impossible to beat. all the different docking stations and a really cool thing that can be very usefull to many is the Itrip. that sends the song playing on ur ipod to ur cars radio and out ur speakers. i wonder whats next for the ipod. i guess all thats left is turning it into a phone, instant messanging, or video games
nathanskywalker said:
]what about that....okay minor set back..personally though, ipod is just not versatile enough, software-wise, for me.
Race said:
You gotta hand it to Apple though. They got off the ground quicker than the competitors, with both product, design, and marketing.My reason for not using one........proprietary Itunes.
iluvnug said:
I have an mp3 player in my phone which I use while I'm at work. I have no need for another. Alot of friends of mine have them. They are very handy indeed.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
But still no free Ogg Vorbis support.
buttus said:
Anyone know what portion of Apples entire revenue the iPod generates?At one time it was over 50%. That's staggering. Apple certainly wouldn't be nearly as profitable without it. Personally, I love my Nano :)Sony is in a similar boat. The PS account for well over half their total revenue and certainly would be a shadow of it's present self without that additional money from one product.
mastronaut said:
Personally I think iPods and camera phones are the most annoying inventions ever created! Why would you want to watch a movie on a 1X1 screen or play games on a cellphone? Well, I guess if you have that kind of cash to blow power to ya. I have middle finger ring that takes digital video but every time I use it I get my face bashed in! Seriously, call me old fashioned but I thought bigger was better, why drive a Mini Cooper when you can 'drive' a HUMMER? C'mon people...are you with me??
mofoed said:
Nope not with you. To each thier own I say :). I personally like the Ipod, don't have one (yet) but the ones I have seen and used are great. Not a bad idea if your audiophile and have tons of music, and idea of carrying a decvice that fits in your hand and can virtually hold your entire music collection is good. I agree watching a video on a tiny screen is not really for me.
sngx1275 said:
I'd like to see them support Ogg. Also incorporate bluetooth or some other wireless type into it, so we don't have to connect physically to our computer to transfer songs.I'd also really like them not to autosort (maybe you can change this?), because if your mp3s are like mine some have id3 tags and some don't, but the iPod doesn't seem to like this, it arranges them the way it wants. I find it hard to play what I want sometimes, espically if some of my albums are comprised of songs with and without id3 tags.
ThomasNews said:
The iPod's so successful (in part) because Apple offers EVERYTHING you could need for it. You can rip your CDs, you can sync with the Player. It tags the files. You can buy your music (& now, videos) through it. The physical interface is also highly intuitive & they charge via USB.No other manufacturer really offers anything like at the moment. Others may be technically better & support other/more formats but most people don't care for any of that & probably haven't even heard of anything other than MP3.I myself even got an iPod for Christmas. I had wanted to buy something else but nothing else particularly could beat it. Now I've a 30GB hard drive to transfer my music to at work ;)
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
iPods are the new incarnation of the Walkman, period.
barfarf said:
Remember the days where apple was so far down on the radar there were hints of it going under. The ipod and its accessories almost single handed made Apple into the profit making company it is today. Not to mention a cult icon. Timing is everything isnt it?I think the future of the ipod would be to have more software on it like a palm.
mentaljedi said:
Apple's sucess is really its powermac and ipod. Thats about it. Now for the ipod, most of it was design, ease of use, and storage capasity. I mean, you can store 10,000 songs. It wasn't unheard of but it seemed really attractive and the design of the G4 was superb. The interface was its pride and joy and with things like video ipod coming out, i can see where this is leading. Don't forget, they had their fair share of failures. The ipod nano broke more than my mum's nails but really, Apple dominates the market and i don't consider it an mp3 player. Its in a league of its own.
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