Sony, Toshiba, IBM extend chip-research pact

By Derek Sooman on January 12, 2006, 5:08 PM
Arch rivals Sony and Toshiba are to work with IBM to research developing new semiconductors to power consumer electronics. Actually, they have already been doing so since 2000, and now plan to extend the efforts until 2010 at least. They will be working on developing chips 32 nanometres or less.

Smaller chips allow manufacturers to produce faster, smaller and more energy-efficient devices while lowering costs.

The trio's partnership has already produced the Cell chip, which will power Sony's new Playstation 3, which is to hit the market this year.

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nathanskywalker said:
Well, considering microsoft sees IBM like this, this is kind of a big deal...[url]
10953[/url]STI cell processor[url]
blue_dragon said:
wow!!32nanometers! im not sure how big cells are but thats small!
PanicX said:
[b]Originally posted by blue_dragon:[/b][quote]wow!!32nanometers! im not sure how big cells are but thats small![/quote]Cell size varies by organism and is normally measured in micrometers ([url=
efixes.htm]1000x bigger than nano[/url]).However the Cell processor is to be created on a 90nm process. So these semiconductors are still significantly smaller.
exscind said:
Good to see competitors joining forces to better technology, and therefore, society as a whole progresses forward. 32nm chips would be fascinating, and certainly an advancement to the chips that exist today, like AMD's 90nm chip or Intel's 65nm.
otmakus said:
It's good to see Sony and Toshiba can put aside their rivalry for a while and work together to make something. With their resources plus IBM, we can expect something big (or small, in the case of the chip)
MonkeyMan said:
This is pretty colossal. Sony is on a warpath, to eliminate all competition, and they are eager to be in first place technologywise. This partnership, just proves that they are open to new possibilities, and new expansions.
flavin said:
smaller & cheaper nothing can be better as technology goes. and it is a great thing to see rivals joining forces for the greater good of us (and to join together to destroy everybody else)
cyrax said:
The powerful chips often require alot of power to drive them. The price is another factor to be considered. I'm hoping the 2 companies find a way to solve these issues. Another one is heatwhich is certainly a limiter.
seanp789 said:
Anything to compete with intel is a good thing. They cant rely on marketing forever.
zachig said:
You're absolutely right, seanp789. Anyway, cooperation between big companies like the ones mentioned are always good.
mentaljedi said:
Microsoft are blind, Nathan. IBM is their biggest threat and i would just love to see Google get a piece of this action. I think IBM should do a jointventure with Google and create a competitive system. I bet they're discussing it right now.
Kreuger said:
What if it's all for publicities sake?
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