4GB and 8GB Memory Sticks for Sony hardware

By Justin Mann on January 13, 2006, 1:23 PM
How would you like a memory stick for a PSP that is 4GB in size? Or one for a digital camcorder that can record four times as much video as most others? Last week, Sony issued a press release at the CES covering a new line of media devices they will be producing with MemoryStick DUO capabilities. Expanding their line for various reasons including the future launch of an online video service for PC and the PSP, Sony will be adding support for the new MemoryStick PRO DUO line of memory sticks at a whopping 4GB capacity and 8GB capacity each. Their newer products, however, some being released just this February, will have support for the new capacity sticks. I'm impressed as it is when I'm able to use a camera with only 1GB of storage on it. 8GB, now that's just unbelievable.

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PUTALE said:
wow, 4gig and 8 gig of memory stick. This would be a great stuff for those portable storage, such as the cell phone and such. NOw, I really wish the price would drop significantly.
flavin said:
how much do these new sticks cost? i didnt see anything about them in the press release.anyways i think this is great. the ONE reason i never bought a PSP was because i always thought the only size memory stick there was was a 32mb now thats small. these memory sticks can also be good for cell phones like putale said as cell phones become closer to mp3s.
Race said:
With these new higher capacities, the possibilities are endless. Aside from what Sony's doing, take music for example. Bands could release full featured content on these sticks, including MP3's, video, photos, etc.(A bit of trivia.....a German punk band called Wizo was the first (2004) to release music on a USB drive, titled 'Wizo Stick-EP'.) They were limited to an EP of MP3's because drives simply didn't have the capacity for anything else. Also..............I recently read in the WSJ that MFlash (M-Systems) will soon be releasing their own high capacity flash drive ('memory stick' is a Sony trademark for their proprietary memory cards) that allows you to back up, or image you entire system drive.I'm curious......if the bios does not support booting from a USB device, what other options are there for utilizing this type of back-up?
maxtor said:
That will be awesome! I have my PSP running with Windows 98 on it, and soon hopefully I will be able to play computer games on it. That 8GB stick of memory will come in really handy. ***Very excited...
Eleventeen said:
I never owned one of these, but I know a bunch of people who have. They have always complained to me about the size issue of the memory stick. If there really was only a 32mb storage capacity then no, I wouldn't want one either. This however, is a huge improvement over the previous sticks. 8GB is hard to believe. Heck, thats the size of a dual layered DVD. I really doubt these will come cheap, but I bet anyone it would be worth every dime.
nathanskywalker said:
Wow, my cousin was excited that his Psp has one gig of memory! And now already 8 gig chips out? nice.
iNoob said:
WOW, an 8 gig memory stick?! Imagine what you can do with that!! *drools over keyboard* (AH! my keyboard!) LoL
Cy6erpuke said:
Bigger is better. I am excited when I see the size going up and the prices dropping. Just look at flash drives for example. Do a comparison of what the biggest was a year ago, and what you paid for it! Shocking. Find these expensive.... just wait a while. I also want the best, but not while it is the best...
MonkeyMan said:
Awesome, just absolutely nail biting material lol. 4Gigs is a heck of alot of memory for such a small device as the PSP. Heck, 4gigs is a huge amount of memory in general!!!! The possibilities are endless with so much memory!!! the PSP could probably load instantly with that amount of memory power. Your information processing time would be phenominal!!! Sony is on a warpath technologywise!!!!!! keep up the good work Sony, we love ya!!!!!
gamingmage said:
One word... YAY!!! I own a psp and this is just the kind of thing to make the psp a contender with the ipod in terms of media such as music, movies and even file transfering. I just hope it isn't too expensive. Psp owners rejoice we have our savior. LOL. Thank you Sony.
exscind said:
These 4GB and 8GB memory sticks will work wonders. Storage is really one of the biggest, if not the biggest, limiting factor in media devices like cameras and camcorders. I too, am sick of filling the storage up so fast and having to either convert it and save it in my computer or forced to dump the files to make room. These will fit in nicely with the handicapped storage capabilities that we have right now regarding media devices.
otmakus said:
Don't forget that it's only a press release, not the launching of the real product. The time range between a press release and the launching of a product can be frustratingly long. Don't hold your breath yet.
cyrax said:
While this is certainly an accomplishment, i don't think sony should be patting themselves on the back just yet. Until they resolve the buttons being too close to the screen issue, i certainly think the screen cracking reports will continue.
asphix said:
Haha, everyones already pretty much said what I would have said. But yeah, this is great for PSP owners. I use the PSP primarily as an MP3 player and video player in my car (hooked up to my sterio through a line-in).Till now the only alternative for large storage space was that 4GB MAX thing which increased the bulk of the PSP. To me that wasnt an option as it would make my car cradle unusable. Now I can store more data on it.. which is exactly what I was looking for.There are also a lot of great RPGs comping out for it lately/in the near future. Good stuff!
zachig said:
WOW. 8GB of memory stick. That is awesome!!! The increase in Flash Drives capacity if so fast. I guess in a year or two, we'll see flash drives with more than 50Gigs (at least I hope so...)
smtkr said:
Once could fit a lot of bootleg mpeg-4 on one of those.Anyhow, I can't justify buying another Sony product after the rootkit debacle. Call me old fashioned, but not punishing Sony would be encouraging similar future behaviour.
Kreuger said:
[quote]How would you like a memory stick for a PSP that is 4GB in size?[/quote]And pay $500 for it too?!!!!!!
mentaljedi said:
This is nice but... the price will be the make or break for it. I presume that this is for hard core gamers but come on! 500? I could get a new laptop with that money!
Jaedalena said:
did anyone check out the press release link? It's for a camcorder. And the Pro Duo is different from the Pro. The pro is the longer memory stick for other devices and that came out in 05. Anywho i called sony to verify (cuz even the CES speech from sony didn't say much on the subject either) and they said Yes there is a 4GB and 8GB memory stick duo out this year. Anytime this year, she didn't specify even a season. I might just blow some change on the 512 mb just to have something for games and such till the 4gb come out. But that's gonna be one hefty penny especially if you get it from Sony.
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