ABIT offers online survey with hardware at stake

By Justin Mann on January 27, 2006, 2:16 PM
After hearing great news last week about ABIT's merger with USI, ABIT has decided to get a large amount of feedback from their customers, especially the single user enthusiast in the form of an online survey. More than just a survey, though, this is a promo that gives you the chance to win ABIT hardware.

Whether you are a tweaking tech guru or just starting out in the exciting world of computer hardware, ABIT takes your opinion very seriously. ABIT has a solid history of catering to the needs of the end-user, and now the time has come to kindly ask for your feedback again. This is your big chance to take part in creating the next generation of ABIT hardware!
Among the usual t-shirts, pens, et cetera, they are also dispensing some high-end motherboards. With just some questions to answer, it can't hurt to enter. The survey starts today (the 27th) and lasts until February 10th, so you don't have much time to get your submissions in. Read more details at the survey site, and good luck!

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djleyo said:
hope other mfg's follows abit's example they sure neew to do some uprades on their products and im sure with user fedback they are going to get better and even better for us we get some free products
Cartz said:
Lol, I love this site, I get news that points me to the possibility of winning free stuff, and then posting about that news gets me the opportunity to nab even MORE free stuff!I did the full survey, it was neat that they asked opinion questions instead of straight up Yes/No or choose the best answer questions...If they use my ideas though, I wonder if I'm entitled to a royalty...
mastronaut said:
I've been an ABIT fan for some time now, I have no complaints. I'd love to upgrade at no cost of course!
cyrax said:
Abit makes absolutely incredible products, except for the fatality range which was abit (lol, get it? a-bit?ahhhhh nevermind) gimmicky for my tastes
Kaleid said:
Great let's try "our" luck there as well. Pwef that took time...opinions stated, hopefully Abit will get a better clue over what people are looking for. Fatality for instance is something that I care very little for. They have the abitity to create great products that for sure :)[Edited by Kaleid on 2006-01-27 16:54:40]
nathanskywalker said:
[quote]Abit makes absolutely incredible products, except for the fatality range which was abit (lol, get it? a-bit?ahhhhh nevermind) gimmicky for my tastes[/quote]hahahahhahah *funny ;.Anyway, well i guess a survey should tell them something, of course the information is not going to as usefull coming from someone who honestly has no idea, as compared to a complete computer nerd :). But info is info, and the customer is "paying the bills", so yeah, go for it.
PanicX said:
Just finished it. Quite a few redundant questions. I've always thought of Abit as above average but nothing special. With taking the steps to improve their products such as this survey, my opinion has been lifted some. Hopefully they'll release a killer must have product and support it properly. I'd be a lifetime customer.
atk spade said:
I did all of the surveys ( i want free stuff!) But as Panic said, alot of the same questions...i think they asked me who built my pc at least 6 times. Abit has always been a good brand, sort of the 2nd place board. Nothing great...just decent.
MonkeyMan said:
Oh man, That's great that ABIT thinks about its customers so dearly. I admire any business that goes "Over the Edge" to meet its consumer needs and wants. I am difinately going to enter this contest, and who knows, I might be able to win!!!!
otmakus said:
Maybe Techspot can start a "free stuffs" section, where all kind of survey which can give free stuffs are listed, just like at "hot deal" section at the forum. Nothing like freebies for us pennyless computer enthusiasts.
exscind said:
ABIT was special, notice the past tense usage. They haven't come out with anything innovative or spectacular in a while. It's good to see the merger with USI and now this online survey with a little incentive at hand to get people to participate (kind of like what another website is doing too :D). I hope this merger will catapult ABIT out of the dark hole that ABIT has been in for the past two years.
Kaleid said:
Abit to change company name:[url]http://www.digitimes.com/mobos/a20060126PR208.html
/url]To something a bit better? ;)
I bought a Fatal1ty motherboard form Abit that I will install today, so I will take the survey probably..
truflip said:
i jus finished the survey. thhnx techspot for pointing a possiblity of winning (still trying to win something)... jus a lil worried i didnt get my bonus round C.. the abit website decided to give me a page not found (refreshed n then i dono lol) newho good luck to all who did the survey n thnx again TS
Masque said:
Just finished with all three bonus rounds.....if I win, I guess I'm committed to reviewing it here, eh? Thx TS for pointing this out.
LoZz said:
i am on a abit mother motherboard at the moument (k8t800 pro) its not to bad it came with a u-guru clock and has some nice softwear for overclocking etc and its ***** proof so even i can do it!
mentaljedi said:
Nice. I'm entering right now!
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