Symantec readies "Genesis" in response to OneCare

By Justin Mann on February 1, 2006, 7:21 PM
A chunk of Symantecs products includes their Internet Security suite, which is a congolmerate of tools, much like other offerings, that helps protect a Windows machine from the multitude of viruses, spyware, malware and others that seek to plague users lives. Microsoft's up and coming “OneCare” is stepping on the toes of many of those products, seeking to integrate anti-spyware and anti-malware functionality into the OS itself. Symantec's answer? They will combine their software into a single, streamlined application, code named “Genesis”, on a subscription basis (much like their current products).

"Genesis is not a suite or a bundle of tools, but a single integrated software application delivered to consumers as a service," Tom Powledge, the director of product management at Symantec, said in an interview Wednesday. The company plans to officially announce Genesis next week, he said.
Despite being a pay product, Symantec has a significant advantage over MS in that many many people already use their products to protect their PC, and Symantec is also able to release their software at any time. As soon as this September, even. OneCare will also not offer anti-virus protection, which this product will, along with e-mail filtering, phishing protection and more. Though this is becoming pretty standard, what will really determine how good any of these products are is how effective they are at identifying new threats and how well they are able to update themselves to reflect those changes. Interesting stuff.

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otmakus said:
Although many people already use Symantec products to protect their PC, as soon as MS starts to bundle their OneCare with their OS, people will use it instead of any other 3rd party products, just like what happen to IE.Although chances are OneCare will be plagued by bugs and flaws, many people will still use it because it's free and easy. And those sophisticated enough to use other products to better protect their computer won't use Symantec products. I myself won't use any of Symantec products even if it's free.
Need_a_Dell said:
This is just another anti-virus "miracle" that will clutter the shelves of our local tech stores and favourite internet sites. This will undoubtedly be anything new over their current line. I've been somewhat dissapointed with Symantec over the last few years. Their products seem to be less and less effective with every passing year. (Maybe with the exception of SystemWorks, which seems to do it's job like a charm!) I'm tired of Norton finding problems on my HD, and then not doing anything to fix them. Maybe MS's OneCare will be the answer I've been looking for. (Except for my Anti-Virus needs!)
Race said:
This 'stream-lined application' release from Symantec is a very important step for their future. With a couple of rather embarassing flaws discovered in their software over the past year, becoming a target of hackers, and declining revenue despite raising their subscription cost, the company is under some pressure to succeed with this. (I certainly hope that 'stream-lined' includes 'less of a resource hog')At any rate.....a head-to-head comparision of Genesis and OneCare should be both interesting and beneficial for consumers.One thing I'm a little confused about with this article....Justin mentions above that OneCare will not offer virus protection, yet the related article clearly says it will:[quote]Microsoft is also readying its OneCare security service. Like Genesis, OneCare includes antivirus and anti-spyware technology as well as a firewall and PC optimization and backup tools.[/quote]Who's information is correct?
Kreuger said:
I bought Norton Antivirus 2004 just after it came out and it was crap. Free antivirus products are better. Why are they gonna bother with OneCare since they charge for it?
nathanskywalker said:
[quote]"Genesis is not a suite or a bundle of tools, but a single integrated software application delivered to consumers as a service,"[/quote][url],39020330,392
0152,00.htm[/url]Oh, great, so instead of symnatec letting spyware, adware, and viruses in the front door without telling me, they're going to corrup my entire system? WHAT A DEAL!!!!Yeah, try "no" for an answer. Mabye symnatec can be improved upon their new endeavor with Mcaffee the like, but on their own, they really aren' much help. Norton anitvi, for exmaple, just plain is written poorly, or something. It just plain takes up to much of your processor, and after you reboot ten time to install a few updates, you have to reboot again to refresh your system. No thanks.
barfarf said:
i like to see how stream-lined Genesis will be. Sysmantec tend to more of bloatware product although i do have to admit they have improved themselves when they brought out sygate firewall. If you think about it its sad to see all these program you need to run in the back ground just to use a windows computer safely. All that cpu power and resources being wasted. Makes you want to jump to mac or linux.
recongunny said:
I currently run Norton SystemWorks on my desktop, along with Ad-Aware and Spybot SD Personal, and have no complaints with its operation. However, I am less than enchanted with the near impossibility of removing Symantec files from my system, and completely outraged by those irritating messages when the expiration date hits the 30-day mark. According to Symantec this "reminder" cannot be disabled. My wife got a new Dell laptop with the Internet Security Suite preinstalled (90-day trial version) and I am not looking forward to the constant reminders that her computer is no longer protected, nor to the arduous process of hunting down and removing the plethora of files scattered about the system. About the only program harder to remove is AOL. Hopefully Symantec will show a little more respect for its customers with this new program.
gamingmage said:
Symantec is a great program and I of course use it on all my PCs. The idea for intergrated software is a good one as well. Hopefully it'll work. Yay symantec!!!
9Nails said:
Forgive me if I'm underwheled about this news. Those of you who claim that Symantec is writing bloatware and resource hogging software speak the truth. I have yet to become excited about a Symantec product.SystemWorks:-GoBack, slows the boot process. I couldn't uninstall it to let me install the new version.-Norton Utilities, isn't this the same MS Defrag tools?!-System Optimizer, deletes lots of registry keys, but offers NO measurable performance improvements.-CheckIt Diagnostics, it's a reporting tool! Great, more false hope at fixing my system.-Norton Anti-Virus, can't compete with ClamWin AV's free price.-Internet Security, my router blocks the same ports.Overall, Symantec bundles a lot of products in one package. I just can't figure out why I would need any of it when the things that I primarly use I get for free now. (Anti-Virus and Firewall). Not to mention the need for an expensive annual subscription without free product updates. I might as well buy AOL and just kill off my system performance entirely. At least with AOL I'd get some chat rooms to play in while my computer is crashing.
Canadian said:
I have been using Windows OnCare Live for a few months now, and its good, but norton 2005 can still kick its ass. I found they both worked good at getting viruses, but with one care, it constantly kept blocking some programs, like google talk, and bittorrent. And no, one care will not be free, it will be by subscription, (This link is dirctly from the onecare program.[url]
only.aspx[/url])If you dont beleive me, go to here:[url]
lt.aspx?locale=en-us[/url]to get the latest version of OneCare.
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