ATI readying "Imageon" Mobile TV IC

By Justin Mann on February 3, 2006, 11:43 AM
If you've built a media machine before or tinkered with home theater you've probably experience the All In Wonders. ATI is expanding on their knowledge in the media market to include DTV and handhelds. Using the “Imageon” name, ATI is releasing an IC for things like cell phones and other mobile devices to support mobile TV, including HDTV and DTV. Their integration is complete, making it easy for manufacturers to include their chips.

”The WTV100 demodulator supports most worldwide operation modes, can handle simultaneous processing of multiple services, multiple DRM solutions and integrates in hardware a decoder for Multi-Protocol-Encapsulator Forward-Error-Correction (MPE-FEC) and its memory. It also offers flexible and versatile interfaces and allows ATI to work with the industry's best-in-class silicon RF tuners to provide an extremely compact, proven and reliable front-end component (WTV100-M).”
ATI demoed the tech in January, though the application for the tech wasn't exactly clear. Mobile TV isn't as popular as some would want it to be, but ATI is jumping on the bandwagon early enough that they may end up becoming the standard.

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nathanskywalker said:
Very nice, ATI is going mobile people!!! Just hope that if they start making, or supporting cell phones that they at least do a better job of securing their internet( keep porn out of childerens hands). ATI would be awesome in mobile form though!!! Mabye even there own version of a Psp, or gameboy advance. I wonder if they have considered such a venture?
Need_a_Dell said:
Sounds like a good idea. This isn't exactly the newest idea out there, seeing as video iPods and other knockoffs have been available for a while now. ATI is very good at what it does however, so there may be a few more cool tricks that can be seen in the mobile entertainment industry that we'll be able to see. A venture into mobile gaming would be an interesting idea nathan, but I'm not quite sure how that would hold up with the gaming community. We'll have to wait and see.
gamingmage said:
Wow, it looks as though ATI has to go other places for more business because Nvidias is taking over the graphics market. Just kidding (cough, not, cough). This is great for ATI expanding its horizons to include everyday gadgets and appiances.
Race said:
[quote]"Our solution brings real value to the Mobile DTV eco-system with reliable multi-band reception for international operation, low power for longer viewing experience and cost effectiveness for fast mass market deployment."[/quote]From the article, it sounds like ATI has got their 'ducks in a row' with this technology, and the ramifications may be far-reaching. Questions: Just how good will the reception be? What will be available to it just like your basic portable 2" tv?Will the consumer demand be there for tv on your cell phone?I am especially pleased that users apparently won't have to experience the compatibility issues between North America and Europe/Asia, as there was for quite some time with cell phones.Unfortunately, depending on how you look at it...cell phones are much like computers; you buy one, and it's out-dated within six months![Edited by Race on 2006-02-04 01:03:14]
Canadian said:
Ohhh, I like, I like! I hope they expand into Palm's.
Agent_J said:
wow, HDTV on handhelds, sounds very interesting
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