DDR2 contract prices soar

By Derek Sooman on February 7, 2006, 12:28 PM
Itís emerged that contract prices for mainstream DRAMs have soared in the first half of this month, and that DDR2 prices have rocketed up some 18% from the second half of January. Figures released from DRAMeXchange show that DRAM makers successfully raised DDR2 memory module prices by more than 16%, with some makers even raising prices by over 23%.

Korea-based DRAM makers Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor, which together hold more than 40% of the global DRAM market, both raised their contract prices in February amid tight capacity.

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Cartz said:
Whoa, I just checked that out for myself, and sure enough all my fav online retailers are showing huge jumps in DDR2 prices from what I'm used to.Hopefully these come down again before M2 emerges in the middle of this year, it would be a major sin to get one of those new cores, and then not have the $$$ to put 2Gb of RAM in with it. I wonder if the production capacity is actually tight, or if its just a little cartel action. OREC anyone?
JMMD said:
Damn, I'll have to keep a watch on the prices. It's like following stocks the way some memory fluctuates. Would definitely suck to miss out on the great prices DDR2 has been selling for lately.
barfarf said:
I bet if it price fixing. Total OPEC thing. I mean shortly before the M2 is suppose to come out thus demand a lot of DD2 they rise prices? Its suppose to be the other way around. Very suspicious.
vigilante said:
Hope this doesn't turn into a RDRAM fiasco.Makes me think twice about jumping strait into a DDR2 mobo. You have to ask why this happened just now?Maybe DDR3 which is rolling in fast, will kick DDR2 out before it has a chance to flourish?
Race said:
Although the increase has been steep for such a short period of time, I can understand why.Since there are so many more products that use memory now, Samsung and Hynix, as well as others, have had to shift production towards other in-demand consumer electronics chips, such as NAND flash for iPods.Also, just as it is with other products, demand can be especially high during the 4th quarter, thereby creating the shortages seen during the first few months of the new year.One way to look at it.....even though some memory chips have gone up a total of 38% so far in '06', prices did drop 66% during all of last year, so customers are still paying 28% less than at the end of '04'.The good news is that chip companies are saying it shouldn't last beyond the first quarter (end of March).
otmakus said:
This is hugely advantageous to AMD. Anyone buying an Intel system will have to think twice due to the soaring DDR2 price, while DDR price is still as low as ever. And the price will drop again just in time before socket AM2 system is released.
MonkeyMan said:
This is strange, now that they have DDR3, you would think that DDR2 would go lower, but higher? this is strange, and I hope the price lowers soon.
Need_a_Dell said:
I'm thinking that this is a move that has AMD's new socket AM2 in mind. With the release of the new AM2, AMD owners will be scooping up DDR2 RAM for their PCs. Call me a skeptic, but I think that this is just a money grabbing move for PC users anticipating the release of AMDs new socket.
nathanskywalker said:
Tis is not good. Prices going up??? Come on, we need prices to go down so DDR falls faster. also, this most likely means that alot of people are buying....or is it the other way around?
Kaleid said:
all the more reason to skip the DDR2 generation. Atleast I'll try.
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