Apple releases $149 iPod Nano

By Justin Mann on February 7, 2006, 12:35 PM
Say hello to the stock 1GB capacity Nano. Starting at a fairly reasonable $149, the cut-down player is an attempt by Apple to further expand the market on their ever-popular iPod series. It has all the features the standard Nano has, aside from a reduced capacity, including the color display, the docking connector and everything else.

"At $149, we think everyone can afford an iPod Nano," said Greg Joswiak, Apple vice president of iPod marketing, in a telephone interview. He noted that Apple was able to expand its market last year by having products at every price point and said the company is poised to do the same this year.
At even a lower end, the iPod Shuffle has been reduced to as low as $69, though with that you'll get hardly a single album onto the device at a 512MB capacity. Apple is making moves to stay on top of mobile media, and also will soon start selling TV series at their online store for use in iPods.

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sngx1275 said:
You can buy TV Shows on iTunes to play on the iPod Video right now. $1.99 apiece I believe.The shuffle selling for $69 now is a decent buy I think, even if its only 512 you can fit anywhere from 5-10 albums on that at 128kbps. Sure thats not exceptional quality, but the shuffle at least in my opinion was designed for runners and people exercising (I see a lot of people with them at my local fitness center). You aren't going to notice the difference in 128 and 320 when you are running.
djleyo said:
what 1gb nano thats just wrong even at 149 its expensive because of its limited functions and space the 2gb nano is the one that should cost 149 and even at that 2gb its missing more capacity you are better paying 150 more and getthe 30gb ipod that plays video i still think apple should be making ipods with longer battery life like the Zen M
buttus said:
Rememember Dire Straits?I love my....I love my....I love my iPod Nano.Being in the IT industry, rare is the moment when I am actually blown away with a product. When Apple released the Nano, I was positively floored.I had a G2 iPod. Big and clumsy and I sold it to a friend as frankly I wanted something small that I could use at the gym. The Nano definately fits the bill of a piece of tech that can easily fit into ones lifestyle. Slim and sexy, with a fantastic display. The available accessories simple cannot be beat and now with the release of this 1Gb unit, they have closed the market for those that want the most value for the dollar.The shuttle will offer pure budget consious consumers a choice...but the 1gb Nano will give consumers an excuse to indulge and frankly upgrade to better looks, better functionality and a weath of accessories to fit everyones taste.I am not an Apple fan per se...but art is where you find it and the Nano fills Steve Jobs entire philosphy that design and form should flow and become organic...and even to some extent become art.
JMMD said:
$150 is too high for a 1GB player. I got a Creative Nano Plus 1GB for $90 on sale. Sure it's not as flashy as the nano and it uses batteries but the price was right.
vigilante said:
I currently don't have ANY portable player of any kind. It's always on my list of things to get some day, but still have not seen a unit quite right for me.iPod is cool, but still think it's too expensive. At this point you are paying for the name more then the product.
cyrax said:
That's a bit pricy. And with the issues appearing about fragility, i would wait and see.
otmakus said:
Noone here worry about hearing loss due to ipod?I agree with vigilante, iPod is more a fashion accessory than a gadget right now, that's why it's so expensive."At $149, we think everyone can afford an iPod Nano", truly a statement worthy of a vice president of iPod marketing. Most households in the world earn less than that in a month.
sngx1275 said:
The Nano can do more than Apple is letting on, I saw a video (don't have a link unfortunately) where a guy was playing halflife on it. I imagine once enough people start thinking like the above posters that its too much to pay Apple will start 'endorsing' some of the abilities they haven't mentioned yet.
Race said:
You've got to hand it to Apple, they certainly know how to take full advantage when they've got a product that's dominating the market.I also agree with others that it's just a bit too expensive. I still haven't gotten one, and I'm not so sure I will unless the price structure improves.
Need_a_Dell said:
The lower the price, the higher the mass appeal. This is a great move for Apple. Or is it? While the idea is there, dumbing down the iPod isn't the right idea. 1GB just isn't enough. Instead, Apple should reduce the price of the regular, 4GB model of the Nano. This would improve iPod sales ten-fold.
nathanskywalker said:
alright, i'm not goingto even attempt helpfulness on this thread. IPOD=EVIL.
barfarf said:
I agree with the users above. $150 it too much for a 1gig. 2gig or at least 1.5 should be the new entry point. I got me a 1gig creative muvo tx fm for $120 last year. Its a neat guy with a tiny green screen so videos there. I like him cause i dont need a stupid cable to hook him up to usb.
Skip said:
The thing most people posting forget is that the whole iPod line is not aimed at us. Yes, tech savvy people know they can get more features, more battery life, more memory and more flexible formats from other players. But none offer the seamless integration of iTunes or the style factor. And style is a big piece of it too. Professional women think nothing of dropping $150 on a pair of shoes. Hell, I don't think I've spent less than $150 on a pair of shoes in ten years. My point being anything that looks good and can play for the length of a typical workout is going to sell and sell well. That's why the iPod sells, its easy and looks good. I've got a 60G video iPod and I love it because I can rip all of my Cd's in a lossless format and it manages my podcasts without me needing to do much. Yes, I could have gotten most of that cheaper - but not easier. And I will gladly spend twice as much money on something that works without me needing to babysit it.Just my two cents,Chris
Masque said:
Delete please....duplicate post.[Edited by Masque on 2006-02-08 10:32:37]
Masque said:
[b]Originally posted by Skip:[/b][quote]The thing most people posting forget is that the whole iPod line is not aimed at us. Yes, tech savvy people know they can get more features, more battery life, more memory and more flexible formats from other players. And I will gladly spend twice as much money on something that works without me needing to babysit it.Just my two cents,Chris[/quote]I understand your points quoted above but I would prefer to wait until the babysitting-free version comes down in price. I will never pay for anything new right off the block. I'll do without until such time and MP3 players just aren't a necessity in life, no matter how much some people think so. I've got better places for my money.I think Apple can do better. Competition will eventually be their it is with most other companies.Just my $.03. ;-)
sngx1275 said:
The thing is Masque, by the time it comes down in price you won't be able to buy it from Apple anymore, you will have to buy it used. Apple's products have a very short market life span, you can't buy any 4G iPods anymore unless you buy them used.
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