Intel-based iMacs suffering from display issues

By Justin Mann on February 10, 2006, 12:25 PM
It seems that the new iMacs, utilizing Intel processors, are stricken with an annoying errata that results in the display becoming corrupted. Apple knows about this issue and has several dialogues going concerning the issue, which seems to rear itself in various software programs and therefore is most likely a software compatibility issue or defect.

In a research note on Friday, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu downplayed the problem and said he doesn't think any kind of recall will be necessary. "We believe the video glitch with Front Row can be easily fixed with a software update," Wu said.
One solution was to lower the desktop color depth, but that's not really a solution. Some people are upset to the point of returning their iMacs, which can be seen as a bit extreme considering it may be just a software issue. Nevertheless, quality is quality and perhaps better testing should have been done.

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sjps220 said:
I don't buy a lot of products right at launch because of the price, but it's beginning to become very clear that it's better to wait for the bugs to get worked out. I agree that a lot of these products should undergo better testing before reaching the market though.
buttus said:
Yet another issue with the Intel/Mac launch.The commercials are slick, the hype intense, print ads blossum, birds chirp in the trees and if you listen very closely you can almost hear the fading scream of the Apple Marketing department as they hurl themselves out the closest window.The launch of the Intel chip was supposed to be a major coup for Apple. Remember when Motorola was chosen to produce the G5 chip and the collective exhale of those hoping that Apple had burried the hatchet with Intel and the tangible dissapointment in the choice for the power processor? I remember it.I also remember the series of blazing fast reviews by the tech arena all giving the G5 an enduthiastic thumbs up. The design, function, form and number crunching of the G5 blew everything away in an instant. Real and true 64 bit computing was born well before anything x86 related.Fast forward to 2006.Intel is now inside the Mac...and it stumbled, fell, got up, tripped, and now has shot itself in the foot...and all this just getting out of the gate.I am certain that the Intel cheap will reap long term goals. With that being said however, this is not a terribly auspicious beginning.
djleyo said:
not surprised hope apple learns not to push product launches and not to team up with intel their processors were doing great im wondering what issues would apple could encountered if they had teamed up with AMD o well ...
cyrax said:
Ahhhh. the comforting smell of burnt silicon. Intel/macs sounded good, but i guess all marriages don't go very well, do they?
Race said:
Significant or not....this is still bad press. Display issues to go along with the earlier reported performance problems.......Apple, in their rush to get product on the shelves, didn't cross their T's and dot their I's.It's going to cost them in the PR much depends on their reaction.
MonkeyMan said:
This is what happens when you rush software to the shelves. Most companies are so wrapped up in the competition, they forget about the product itself. You have to take time to iron out all technical difficulties before releasing anything, because it only results in consumer backlash, defamation of a companies name, and possible legal disputes, if the problem is serious enough. I hope you get everything straightened out IMAC, and good luck.
Need_a_Dell said:
This is an odd thing to happen. The fact that there is a display issue based soley on the processor is a little strange. It would be great news if this could be fixed with a simple software update. It would be a shame for Apple if many more of these Intel iMacs are returned...
PUTALE said:
i guess Mac has to work much harder to fix all the problem they encounter with the new cpu.
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