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By on February 10, 2006, 4:42 PM
A couple of weeks ago we posted an article on the two upcoming disc formats, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, and we noticed many of you favoured either one or the other. With its advantages and disadvantages, there are only two things for sure: they are both very close to the market, and only one will truly succeed in the long-run, take your pick and vote on the form sitting on the right side of your screen.

Also here are the results for our last poll, where you voted for your favourite anti-spyware application:

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djleyo said:
like the news says only in the long run we will know how wins the two are geat technologies .im putting my money on hd-dvd i think the name is what got me i like how it sounds and about the spyware polls i really never trusted a free program they allways have a catch i always suspected that Ad aware had some spyware included but never confirmed currently i use spysweeper and works great i like the active shields for spyware installation and others but thats just me
CrossFire851 said:
To Summ It Up: Blue-Ray all-the-way
JMMD said:
I'm not ready to go with either format. I'm still pissed that there's a format war at all. It did nothing good for DVD-Audio and SACD and I don't see this "war" benefiting anyone. Both sides should have looked at the big picture and swallowed their pride so that they could agree on a format that would benefit consumers and the movie industry. It'll be quite a while before I buy a player for either format. I'd be more interested in using a high capacity disc for data storage if it was affordable and had a long shelf life.What's going to happen in a year or two when a better system comes out. There's already talk of discs that can store 100GB or more using fluorescent or holographic technology.
cyrax said:
blue ray shows the best promise.
geekster said:
Breakthrough 1.5 Petabyte Spintronics 3.5 Disk Drive The technology concept is to use Polarized UV photons having resonant frequencies of the ferroelectric molecule along with Nano/Microwave Electric Fields to control electron movement, electron spin, electron electric field polarity, and electron electro magnetic fields for optical display imagery and data storage applications.The UV laser diodes and electric field transducers of the Integrated Read/Write Head can be used in any combination to control the molecules. A Floating Gate Mosfet is used to read the electro static field data.Electrons have electro magnetic properties whose electron movement is called electric current that can be measured by the abundance of or lack of electrons in the ferroelectric nucleus called voltage or static charge. Ferroelectric spintronics is the new method of using electric fields and photons to alter properties of ferroelectrics molecules for data manipulation by changing the internal geometry of ferroelectric atoms.For example, when charge carriers like electrons are accelerated (as opposed to moving at constant velocity), a fluctuating magnetic field is produced. This generates a fluctuating electric field, known as a space charge field, which in turn produces another varying magnetic field.Generating a perfect spin current by an electric field and UV photons in a high-k dipole dielectric material like a ferroelectrics molecule could then be made reversible, have non-dissipative of power, and not suffer from leakage current lost over time.Thomas believes that intraband / outerband resonant absorption by circularly polarized UV photons leads to spin polarization of electrons. Then it is possible to say an "Atomic Quantum Switch" carries electro-static field, electro-magnetic field, and spin orientation that can be made to represent non-volatile 0ís and 1ís.Double sided disk having 1.5 Petabytes of storage can be produced by separating the ferroelectric molecular coating layer by a plastic, metal, glass, or ceramic substrate. [url][/url]
Race said:
It sounds like, for the foreseeable future, both formats are going to co-exist.It's almost a no-brainer which one is going to be the early-on choice....HD-DVD. The fact that disks and player/recorders will be considerably cheaper will tip the scales.Though doubtful....I'm still hoping someone comes up with a hybrid player for both.The free A-S software listed, especially AdAware and SpyBot, has been thoroughly scrutinized.....they're clean.As for me, I'm using SpyBot and MS A-S. [Edited by Race on 2006-02-10 21:56:37]
MonkeyMan said:
Well, I still say Blue Ray, but everyone has their own opinions. Actually, both are pretty much the same, but hey, we all have diffrent tastes.
Need_a_Dell said:
Blu-Ray is by far the better technology, but the downside to it is that there will be a whole new format change. HD-DVD on the other hand will be backwards compatible with existing DVDs, meaning that you won't have to rebuy your current collection because HD-DVDs share the same physical traits as current DVDs and CDs. It would break my heart to see my enormous DVD collection go to waste, but I'm going to have to give the nod to Blu-Ray. The specs on Blu-Ray technology is simply astounding, and HD-DVD doesn't even come close. I hope they come out with some way to have a dual playing device that will play both Blu-Ray and DVD formats, or that they come out with a way to dump your DVDs over to Blu-Ray without comprimising picture quality or sound. Keeping my movie collection intact is essential to my well being.Blu-Ray all the way!
gamingmage said:
Yay for Adaware, as for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, I can't choose. It's too hard. You can't make me choose!
nathanskywalker said:
Solidily for Blue ray. Short of a major calamity, with ya all the way.
Nic said:
The poll should have asked "What is your favourite antispyware app?" because that is effectively what this poll has achieved.
Nic said:
In future polls, questions that users are not qualified to answer should be worded so that it is clear that the results indicate an opinion rather than a fact. We aren't qualified to determine what antispyware is the 'best', we only know what is our favourite. There is no point to misleading other site visitors with misleading poll results. Please take note...
Kaleid said:
Wonder if it will be like with Beta vs VHS, the format that get's the porn will win. Beta was technologically superior..Sony prices Blu-ray discs at $30Format's new release cost will be similar to HD DVD:[url]
dionysus444 said:
Okay lets see here...Same Price, Blu-Ray wins on capacity hands down (not to mention can actually hold a full movie of LOTR on one disc at full HD resolution. 25GB = 3-4 Hours)...Blu-Ray will be in the PS3, while Microsoft, who is supposedly backing the HD-DVD format simply wouldn't comit to putting the HD-DVD in the XBox360. A smart move on their part as they can just expand to either format as needed when the war is done. But if this is the attitude that one of their biggest supporters is giving to HD-DVD why would the consumer want to back HD-DVD when one of its supporters is willing to drop it?I'll stick with my more reliable Sony Hardware thank you.
PUTALE said:
I don't knwo which one ot choose, I think I will wait awhile to see which one will be the dominate one before I purchase the drive (of course also waiting for the price to drop).
smtkr said:
I'll stick to never buying another Sony product as long as Sony maintains its anti-consumer stand.We all know that blu-ray has more intrusive DRM. Give me a break Sony fans. The brand equity is crumbling. Boycott Sony.
sornypanafonic said:
yeah supposedly bluray players are going to update their firmware when u put in new movies and so on to prevent bootleggin and such, which i find to be absurd. i mean once YOU buy the player YOU should have the CHOICE in updating it or not updating it since, lets just say por example, u wanna play bootleg movies... baby thats just how i roll... i cant let my dvd and torrent collection go to waste just cuz of Sony.
exscind said:
I prefer neither until at least either (or both) decide to slash the price down to something where not only the richest of the folks can afford. I think Blu-Ray is a nice touch because it changes the laser completely, hence technology is progressing. Wonder if they'll start using UV1 to read the next format...
Cartz said:
Doesn't matter, no one will be able to take advantage of their high resolution output because no computer video card on the market truly supports HDCP...I'll stick with normal DVD, it looks fine, holds enough data for me, and doesn't have any asinine requirments (new monitor and video card) to watch at full resolution.
evildust said:
I hope HD-DVD will win. I loved Sony for a while but in the last years I was very desappointed and I don't want to encourage this company anymore. HD-DVD from the start have better compatibility with DVD and computer.
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