Seagate releasing 1" 12GB mini hard drive

By Justin Mann on February 13, 2006, 2:30 PM
Expanding the mobile market, Seagate is making plans to bring a 12GB mini HDD to the market that will be even smaller than existing drives that offer less capacity. A significant change from the 1.8 and others, this new beast will be only a minuscule 1 inch. Primarily, this will be aimed at phones. Why phones? Mobile media is becoming big downloadable music videos, downloadable shows, downloadable music, all on your phone. It's only going to get bigger, with the stunning success of other mobile media devices like the iPod. Many more people own cell phones than iPods, so the market definitely is there. Seagate is planning the release of these drives for 3Q 2006, pricing is not yet available though likely only manufacturers will be purchasing these.

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buttus said:
Sweet god all mighty.12gb Microdrive. WOW.I am stunned. The more I have come to use flash drives, the more I have found use for them. For example, I never realized how much sensitive or confidential information that I had on my PC until I got a 128Mb Mem key. Then suddenly (after going through my files) I I lost this, or if someone was to gain access to this I would be dead in the water.12gb though. I wonder what the cost would be on this item?
djleyo said:
to bad its directed to mobiles phones only but i agree with the article mobile media is growing a lot movies music 3d games i hope they make it removable , usb capable , and universal so you can swap with other phones to bad motorolas v3 line are not going to hold these Man seagate is really growing a lot Nice products Nice prices and good competition for other companies
JMMD said:
That's pretty amazing. I really wish the advancements in flash memory were moving as quickly as the HD space seems to move. I would love to have a 10GB flash media player.
Cartz said:
I wish they would direct their research into making 3.5 inch drives faster instead of going for smaller designs... Seems like we've been stuck in the 133-150Mhz range forever.The end is in sight I know, but seriously, HD is the biggest bottleneck in any PC, let's get that puppy up to speed.
moimit said:
If the manafacturers were smart they would be looking for RAM/PLATTER hybrid drives so you can boot from say the 2g of ram almost instantly then move to the platter once loaded. then they could simply work on getting an all ram disk happening. i'd be happy with a 400g ram disk :P
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