ATI covers up lack of HDCP support on current card lineups

By Justin Mann on February 17, 2006, 10:41 AM
Usually a product specification list is fairly accurate as to what the item in question offers. ATI is apparently being very sneaky, however, and silently removing references to HDCP functionality in many of their card descriptions. This comes despite the fact that many ATI cards over the past year have been sold touted as supporting the new technology. After certain reviews demonstrated that many cards from multiple vendors didn't, strange things started happening.

Most of ATI's recent retail products are currently shipping with advertisements claiming that the products are HDCP-ready. On ATI's website, the term HDCP-ready was also used, for example on the X1900 series specifications page. Curiously, ATI's professional products such as FireGL list "HDCP-compliant". We spoke to ATI and asked it why the terminology difference and what the difference was in its view, between compliance and ready. Unfortunately, we did not receive a sound response to that question. In an interesting turn of events, today ATI has begun to silently remove references to HDCP-ready on its consumer products.
Retailers are affected too. Many retailers are selling products based partially on HDCP compliance, which will become more important as HDCP displays are found in more homes. People purchasing cards today might end up becoming sorely disappointed when trying to playback newer releases provided on BluRay or HD-DVD formats, finding themselves stuck with the resolutions of yesterday. More updates as they come.

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PanicX said:
I used to be a big ATI fan back when the Radeon series first came out. However since then I've been delving more and more into linux and have grown to despise ATI cards for their lack of (or horribly inadequate)linux support. Can't say that news like this helps my image of them.
DragonMaster said:
I think that they're getting better on this tho.
Race said:
Not the type of publicity that ATI needs.This certainly won't do any harm in solidifying Nvidia as the #1 graphics card manufacturer.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
[b]Originally posted by DragonMaster:[/b][quote]I think that they're getting better on this tho.[/quote]Getting better with Linux drivers? I think not. fglrx is actually one of the things that continuously manages to make my PC lock up completely. In addition, ATi has - as far as I remember - always been worse with OpenGL than Direct3D. I can't remember how things were before DirectX though.I'm happy that soon I'll be able to switch to GeForce.
canadian said:
And this is why I prefer Nvidia cards.
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