Microsoft accidentally leaks Vista details

By Derek Sooman on February 22, 2006, 4:03 PM
By accident, Microsoft has unwillingly released information on its forthcoming Windows Vista operating system, which will be the successor to Windows XP. Seemingly, the announcement that there will be a total of no less than eight versions of Vista was made on a company help page that was under development. In fact, the company has not made any official statement about how many versions of Vista there will be. Microsoft has since taken down the website, and declined to confirm the accuracy of the information that was posted on it. Legitimate information about the launch of Vista will be available in the coming weeks.

"Microsoft recently posted a web page designed to test the Windows Vista help system that included incomplete information about the Windows Vista product line up," a Microsoft spokesman said in a statement.

"This page has since been removed as it was posted prematurely and was for testing purposes only."

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crossfire851 said:
Nice one,M$(chitters)
K9-Cop said:
To be perfectly frank, I doubt it was any kind of accident. Its just another way to get Vista into the news without revealing anything terribly newsworthy. The Microsoft marketing engine in motion, good work boys. ;)And I should say its not just Microsoft that "accidentally" releases information on their website, or spreads rumours from "un-named sources". Lots of companies use these tactics to market their products or brand. Its called good PR (public relations).
DragonMaster said:
[quote]Microsoft accidentally leaks Vista details[/quote]Microsoft "accidentally" leaks Vista details
phantasm66 said:
You are Microsoft. You are considering releasing 8 versions of your new OS - but are unsure as to what the reaction would be. Solution? Start a rumour about it and then deny it, and then look at the resulting discussion on the Net.
DragonMaster said:
[quote]Start a rumour about it and then deny it, and then look at the resulting discussion on the Net.[/quote]It was for testing purpose they say. It doesn't mean that it's fake info. They certainly didn't type random numbers in there. They should learn to lie.
crossfire851 said:
I just thought about this, there are lying about all of this accidentally" leaking. Vista details, yea right plablisty all it is. Nice one M$$$$$$$$$$$
sngx1275 said:
Um.. We knew months ago there were going to be some insane amount of versions of it. It was 8 several months ago, its 8 now.
crossfire851 said:
Yea but saying that they accidentally leaked it then people go yea there is 8 versions coming out, that right there is what they want.(M$$$$$$$$$)
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