Intel talks Conroe at IDF

By Justin Mann on March 7, 2006, 7:09 PM
Today, at Intel's Developer Forum, Intel spoke about the new Conroe core. They mentioned a few key features they are bringing to the table, not surprisingly many of them focused on power and security. They've also made many core revisions, such as a length reduction in the processor pipelines. Overall, you're looking at a TDP of 65W, much better than the Prescotts that approach and surpass 130W at times, for 40% less power consumed, shared L2 cached (better than unified) per core, along with a significant performance increase over a comparable Pentium D.

After a few shoddy starts, the P4-D may start to turn around nicely, and at looks like that is what is happening with Conroe (at least on paper). Great stuff, and it will be very interesting to see if it is really pulled off.

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mirob said:
Conroe wooped a overclocked FX60, [url]
/url]Intel Is Back On Top.
BooMer!@ said:
:Same here Bro.I have looked over the INTEL Conroe Benchmarks and they have absolutely blown me away. :-) :-) :-) This will defiantly give AMD something to worry about. :( -----------------------------------------------------------I mean WoW.__[Link]________________________________________________
_____________F.E.A.R. PerformanceIf you had any doubts about the results on the previous page, this one should convince you. Even when running a non-Intel created demo, Conroe offers a [COLOR=DarkRed]41% performance advantage over the 2.8GHz Athlon 64 X2.[/COLOR] The advantage exists in both the minimum and maximum frame rates as well.__[Quote]______________________________________________
_____Likely I have not bought an AMD [Socket 939 System].I would have been so MAD :( to buy something and have it become OBSOLETE in a few months....hehI am definitely going to wait until July in Q3 when INTEL is rumoured to release the Conroe Processors... :-) Yay!I currently have an AMD 3200 + XP BartronWith a GeForce 2. 64 Mb. LoLI am glad I have Waited... this long to build a New System...The Waiting Game seems to have Paid Off![Edited by BooMer!@ on 2006-03-08 03:20:51]
BooMer!@ said:
I want it NOW!
Mictlantecuhtli said:
What's the difference between shared and unified L2 cache?
mirob said:
FS: FX60, new, $150.
barfarf said:
So what if the conroe can be FX60? That is not a big deal. It would be a big if its at the same price point. The true test would be the speed over dollars ratio. Time will tell.
qurious69ss said:
"So what if the conroe can be FX60? That is not a big deal. It would be a big if its at the same price point. The true test would be the speed over dollars ratio."Well actually that's why it's a huge deal. The 2.6ghz conroe ($340) that they put up against the 2.8ghz fx60 ($1100) was a midrange processor. The high end EE was not demoed but that one will run at 3.0ghz and prices for that one will be $1000. So based on the conroe benchmarks the speed over dollar ration is a huge win for intel. You should be able to get a fx60 for about $300 in the near future if amd matches intel's speed to dollar ratio.
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