French parliament debates music file conversion legality

By Derek Sooman on March 14, 2006, 5:01 PM
The French (who seem quite confused in general over the whole issue of digital rights management, illegal file sharing, copyright and so forth) are currently expected to vote on a bill this week that would allow consumers to legally convert music files from one format to another. This would have the effect of breaking some digital rights management applications.

The bill would force Apple Computer to let consumers download music from its iTunes store onto any player they wanted--not just Apple's own iPods.

While the idea is to open up the market, some industry watchers think it could have the opposite effect. Rather than open up, music providers--including Apple--would simply close up shop in France.

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K9-Cop said:
I hope this is the direction most countries move to a this law is a move to protect consumers. It ensures that music they legally purchase, whether through CD's or on-line stores, can be played on any device the user wants.The only trick, I think, is to make sure this works correctly with the temporary licensing that DRM allows for. i.e. a 30-day license to listen to the music after which it ceases to function. Perhaps they need to make the law effect only long-term licences, and then legislate that long-term licenses are made available at reasonable prices.
DragonMaster said:
With iTunes, you get what you pay for. It's cheaper than buying the album, but you've got DRM, non-CD quality, and no sleeve or box.
mentaljedi said:
Guess your right there.
eko said:
Why should I pay tons of money, when I can get it for free? What I truly like, I buy, but the rest... just P2P it !
DragonMaster said:
[quote] Why should I pay tons of money, when I can get it for free? What I truly like, I buy, but the rest... just P2P it ![/quote]Even truer if we're talking about iTunes, bonus #1, it's free, bonus #2, no DRM. Apple has great ways of reducing illegal copying, they make P2P a better option than their service...
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