Windows Vista Beta 2 available for public download

By Justin Mann on June 7, 2006, 8:10 PM
The initial release period for Windows Vista Beta 2 is now over, meaning that anyone can now go download it. As with all MS betas, it was initially release for MSDN/Technet members, and now is available for public download at Microsoft's site. Since many people want a chance to learn about what they can expect from Vista when it goes gold, this is a great way for them to try it out. It's a massive download, at over 3GB, and has a time limited functionality, but for many the chance to try it is worth it.

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swker98 said:
nice, has anyone tryed this yet. Do you guys know if i can just partition something like 20gb and put vista and xp togetherthanks
atk spade said:
I was gonna try it, then I came to my senses.Seriously though, I might give it a shot. (on a seperate PC of course)
swker98 said:
what do you have to apply for? the licince key?
Aaron_Microsoft said:
FYI - you have to have the product key to download. Go to [url]
spx[/url] and follow the directions there.The full announcement is at www.hive.netAaron
canadian said:
Kaleid said:
Can't install. Reason: No support for SATA promise controller.. nice
swker98 said:
anyone have any dload sources that accually work?/thanks
Kaleid said:
Where do you find the install key?
nathanskywalker said:
[b]Originally posted by Kaleid:[/b][quote]Where do you find the install key?[/quote]legally, just sign up on their sight and they'll give you one that's good for up to ten computers. Nice, just got windows vista running, oh yeah. Not sure it's worth all the hype everyone's been giving it, then again it is 4:39 A.M. guess i'll bother fixing it up a little later. Anyway, it's pretty cool and i would definently recomend the upgrade as long as you aren't to worried about the instablility of betas (or you have another hard drive to spare, or partition or whatever).
Kaleid said:
[b]Originally posted by nathanskywalker:[/b][quote][b]Originally posted by Kaleid:[/b][quote]Where do you find the install key?[/quote]legally, just sign up on their sight and they'll give you one that's good for up to ten computers. [/quote]It now asks for a "Benefit Access Number". How do you receive one?
9Nails said:
I've installed it to VMWare Server, a free program which allows me to "pretend" that I'm installing Vista to a clean hard drive. The install went fine with the exception of my needing to point to the DVD .ISO instead of my DVD drive. Once installed, Vista consumed 7.3 Gigs of disk space. I suppose that is the price of the security and enhanced looks. To my astonishment, little has changed beyond cosmetics. Some applicaions would not run because the VMWare Server used a virtual driver for my graphics card, and Vista couldn't detect the drivers for my Nvidia based card as a DirectX 9 compatable card. Which I accept, not every one will have the necessary hardware to play Windows Vista. I half expected that Microsoft would include some ground shattering new feature that I must have. I was sad to learn that there was no such improvements. There wasn't any "iLife" or "Garage Band" nor even "Gimp" or "Open Office." There is very little to do in Windows Vista other than visit the Media Player or browse the Internet. That's a shame Especially since the new Vista OS is roughly 6x larger than Windows 2000.
Kaleid said:
Finally had the x64 version installed and what a mess it is to navigate in and much slower than XP. The new explorer is rubbish.Installed X-Fi soundcard beta drivers - audio didn't workInstalled Nvidia beta drivers - no games worked.I'll give it another try tomorrow, but it seems they are on a mission to make the thing as bloaty and slow as possible.It takes forever to boot despite 2GB RAM and fast SATA harddrives. CPU is not bad either, AMD64 @ 2376Mhz
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