Retailers picking up the idea of WinXP on Macs

By Justin Mann on June 19, 2006, 8:16 PM
People really are taking to the idea of running Windows XP on a Mac. Particularly so from an enthusiast point of view and, surprisingly enough , the educational sector, people all over are embracing an idea that many in the IT world viewed as blasphemy. It now seems that the retailers are starting to catch on to this idea, and are not only supporting, but advertising such features.

A sales person quite happily switched from running Mac OS X to Windows XP on an iMac, and left the machine running Windows," she tells us. Apparently, the sales rep didn't suggest buying a copy of Windows XP with the desktop Mac and neither is PC World bundling the additional OS, but once Apple's dual-boot utility, Boot Camp, moves out of pre-release testing - it's expected to be finalised in time for Mac OS X 10.5 - the opportunity will be there...
Very interesting stuff, and it shows how fickle and quick to change the IT industry is.

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DragonMaster said:
What's the point?
mirob said:
Put good use to VT.
Julio said:
Percentage-wise however this is limited to a very very small share of the market. I do believe it's great Macs are now running Windows, but don't be fooled because now Apple computers are no different than a similarly configured PC. So if you plan to run Mac OS X, then you can call it an advantage, but if you want to buy an Apple machine just to run Windows? Well, you can almost call that stupid.
Didou said:
In many Mac stores here in Belgium, they almost automatically offer a Windows XP CD + licence when you buy an Intel based Mac now. Not for free of course, but quite cheaper then buying the OS by itself.
slake said:
LOL! Glad to see mac hardware is now selling becuase it runs XP! LOL! I guess Microsoft has won. Now sit down. [url][/url]
crossfire851 said:
What they should do is make Chassis and monitors , that resemble a mac computer with one hard to see veration. lol then you can call it your "mac" or "big mac". lol
DragonMaster said:
It would just be a real "PowerMac".
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