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By on August 10, 2006, 4:12 PM
The Alienware Aurora m9700 is a serious gaming notebook and is the first of its kind to utilize NVIDIA's SLI technology. It achieves this by using two GeForce 7900GS (256MB) graphics cards smartly positioned inside the casing delivering stellar results. Driven by an AMD Turion64 processor, the Aurora m9700 can also come outfitted with dual 100GB SATA 7200-RPM hard drives set up for RAID0. Finishing all this off is a 17” widescreen LCD outputting a native resolution of 1920x1200 pixels with Clearview Technology.

As is to be expected, the Aurora m9700 is not exactly an affordable notebook computer, nor is it all that compact, it is however insanely fast. With all the optional extras the Aurora m9700 we received for review can be bought for around $3700. Because this model does feature two graphics cards and two hard drives, it also weighs roughly 5 kgs (or 11 pounds) which by laptop standards still puts it in an acceptable range among the desktop replacement models. The base configuration costs just $1800, though it is far less equipped than the version we have here today.

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Phantasm66 said:
From a certified laptop lubber like me I can certainly say... that looks sweet!Not the lightest I am sure but man its specs are great.
Gamingmage said:
why do they continue to use amd mobile processors? I mean can't they get the performance increase by using intel Core Duo laptop chips in there? i mean couldn't the processor that is in there right now be limiting the performance of the graphics? Im not saying because its dual core or anything because as most people know most games are still single threaded, but just the overall architecture and performance of the Intel processors plus the dual core would be nice as well IDK im just saying AMD for the moment does not have the best laptop chips out there
viper770 said:
Until the mobile version Core 2 Duo is widely available I don’t think it matters if they went with AMD or Intel. The SLI GeForce Go 7900GS were going to reach the processor limitations without high quality graphics settings enabled. The same problem has plagued desktop computers as well, the Core 2 Duo has proven just how much more headroom a Radeon X1900XTX has for example.
Rage_3k_Moiz said:
Overly expensive Alienware never learns as always. KillerNoteBooks has better priced gaming notebooks with almost on-par(maybe more) performance.
almmohd said:
I would like to see a comparison of the Aurora™ m9700, Dell XPS M1710 and the HP dv9000z. Which is the most value for money?
orchidleighrose said:
BEWARE!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ALIENWARE!!I bought this EXACT model, and while it IS an awesome computer, it keeps having errors with the darn video card it came with, and it overheats A LOT.NOW I am having BIOS problems, and they made me pay $200 for a new warranty, just to tell me I had to send the computer in for a new motherboard, and the one in it is already the second one since we bought the computer!The additional cost if going to be around $600, and I could get a new computer for that!DO NOT BUY their computers, their techsupport is a joke, you can't hardly understand a darn word they say, and they OBVIOUSLY don't know what they are doing because they transfer you around to other people so much.NOT WORTH THE COST! Their way of solving any problems is to always have you send it in for another mother board, I wish to god I never bought the damn thing.
achilles7ls said:
In contrast to "orchidleighrose" Alienware experience, I found my to satifactory. I have the M7700 Aurora. Although, I have had some motherboard issues (I believe they come from true desktop processors in a laptop package. Athlon 64 x2) There tech support has been awesome. They are not afraid to talk you through opening the case. (IT DOESNT VOID YOUR WARRANTY EITHER!)Of course clear English speaking tech support would be better, but neither DELL, GATEWAY, or HP are any better as they all out source to foreign countries.I have read several articles about people having trouble getting resolution from Alienware. With my experience I can only believe they do not know how to conduct themselves to obtain resolution. With a single email I was able to get Alienware to offer to apply the cost of my current system (price I paid a year ago, to the cost of a new system) We are in the process of conducting this now. Unless something changes drastically this should go as smooth as the rest. I am getting much more system for the same price.I DO recommend Alienware!
notasaint said:
For anyone interested in this system please read the post at this location: [url]
re-aurora-m9700.html[/url]Happy gaming![Edited by notasaint on 2007-08-27 16:52:37]
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