Spam is 9 out of 10 emails sent

By Justin Mann on November 28, 2006, 11:10 AM
Out of every legit email message you get in your Inbox, how much of it would you say is spam? 20%? 50%? While it can vary a lot based on your activities and type of filtering, the worldwide average is stunning. A whopping 90% of email has been reported as spam. An U.S. email security company, Postini, performed a study and came to the conclusion that spam has been on the rise the past few months, nearly tripling the amount sent worldwide:

His company has detected 7 billion spam e-mails worldwide in November compared to 2.5 billion in June. Spam in Britain has risen by 50 percent in the last two months alone, according to Internet security company SurfControl.
That is beyond bad, that is sickening. Blaming 80% of that volume on a small number of “illegal gangs”, even if those numbers are remotely accurate it's a sad state of affairs that people must deal with such volume of useless junk. Is it really possible to stop it? After all, if nobody ever replied to a spam mail, there would be no incentive for these criminals to mail them out. Which means somewhere along the line, one of those millions of spam-laden Inboxes is replying to it. While many countries are enacting laws to prevent and attack spam, and companies are becoming more aggressive in fighting it, there are many who think that simply isn't the correct approach:

It will only end when people stop buying diet pills, herbal highs and sexual performance enhancers, said Dave Rand, of Internet security firm Trend Micro. "The products they are selling by spam are exactly the same products that they sold in the Middle Ages," he said. "This really is a human problem, not a computer problem."
Is he right? Quite possibly. An international problem, however, requires an international solution. The situation will probably never change until companies and legal agencies across the world begin working together.

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TImeParadoX said:
I dont seem to get any spam at all because im not stupid enough to put my email on anything & download Google toolbars and stuff like that :)
Jesse_hz said:
Good for you. I only ever posted my email once on another forum and it got harvested. The forum had no edit option, so I tried to contact the admin, but there appeared to be no way at all to reach to admins of that site, I then posted a new thread hoping that someone in charge would see it and remove my email address, but nothing happened. :(
TImeParadoX said:
Yeah that's why I dont put my email anywhere or when I have to put a email I have 2 Gmail / Hotmail accounts and I put the one I dont use for the primary email ;)
Gars said:
You are talking for private e-mail addresses. What about business e-mails? As a tech support at small company i got a huge problem with that crap. Its no matter that users can or not install stuff, problem is that the addresses are public. For now we have a solution with SpamFighter, but it only safe time and still waste traffic. 120 spam messages daily only in my box, it means 99.99%. Of course it is because the address is 6 years old.i hate spammers and would like to kill one.
JohnnyP said:
I've put together instructions on how to build an anti-spam system for $67 using Debian Linux. It works. My personal spam count went from more than 50-60 per day, down to 3 and my business address is over 6 years old.My anti-spam server currently blocks nearly 500-700 spams per day - mostly using blacklists and SpamAssassin Bayesian filtering. I recently added fuzzy OCR image processing, and that took out most of the image spam stock scams.[url][/url]
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