Dell customers demand Linux

By Justin Mann on February 20, 2007, 5:38 AM
Just a few days ago, Dell launched a site to solicit feedback from customers regarding what they most want to see coming from newer systems. Some of the various feature requests include stock multi-boot systems, an option to have no additional software installed aside from the OS, OpenOffice installations and – topping the list by a margin of 2 to 1 – pre-installed Linux. Whether it be with Ubuntu, Fedora Core, OpenSUSE or others, there are more than 20,000 requests for Dell to begin offering systems with Linux pre-installed by default. Clearly, demand for such systems are rising.

That's on top of the fact that 3 of the top 5 requests (factoring in that 2 of the top 6 are duplicates) are related to including free software suites on the systems. Amazingly, things like having Firefox and OpenOffice installed took precedence over improved customer support and even greener computing. Will Dell oblige? Will customization options give you the ability to pick various software suites that could reduce the cost of the system? A few years ago I would have said “no” - but then again, a few years ago we never imagine Dell would actually begin selling AMD systems. Stranger things have happened, for sure.

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nathanskywalker said:
Very nice. This would and will be good for both Dell and users. I certainly hope Dell starts integrating this into notebooks soon. I really do NOT want vista on my laptop.
peeters said:
Not only Dell has users demanding linux compatible machines and driver support. HP is getting requests and comments all over their support forums for better (or even any kind of ) Linux support.[url]
Julio said:
Maybe they won't be able to do it because they are receiving kickbacks from Microsoft, too (just kidding).I'm sure Dell with all their current management reorganization will not forget and prioritize the delivery of open source software with their machines if that's what's being requested.
RRP said:
Great!! Why anyone would want windZe software that has problems with viruses, trojan-horses, spybots.... is hard to understand.I develop computationally intensive software (seconds to minutes to get a result) in C++ that must run on both Windows and Linux. Its been my experience that the same software running on the same computer is 4-40 times faster in linux than windows!! Waiting 5 seconds for a result is much better than 20-200 seconds! Part of the difference seems to be that windows handles memory a lot differently than linux and windows spends a lot of its time allocating and de-allocating memory!
Gars said:
HP you say?first, they needs to write down 64 bit printer drivers for windozeshame
RichardatDELL said:
JustinThanks for overview of whats surfacing at Dell's ideastorm and for your perspective. Hope you will check back later this week as we begin to respond. Check the ideas in action section of the site for our first responses and with more to come. The input and voting has brought lots of activity to the site and we are taking a look at various suggestions.
Julio said:
Excellent, first I start talking about kickbacks... and now it happens that a Dell rep comes by to make a comment. Oh well, welcome aboard! =)
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